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So the race is on!

Mr. Jones, you’re the closest we have here to this:

The soft drumbeat of living bacteria has been recorded for the first time in a breakthrough which could help doctors to know whether or not antibiotics are working.

Scientists at the Technical University of Delft, in the Netherlands, theorised that if microscopic germs produce sounds, it would be a simple way of checking that they were alive – similar to listening for a pulse or heartbeat.

But bacteria are so tiny that recording any noises using traditional methods is impossible.

Instead, experts constructed a small drum made from graphene, a material composed of a single layer of carbon atoms, which is extremely good at conducting tiny amounts of sound and electricity.

When they placed E.coli on the graphene surface, and linked it to a speaker, the team was amazed to hear the gentle thrum of a living bacterium.

The task is to capture that sound and or rhythm. So that we can set a beatbox to it (kids still using those?) and create our undoubted No1 Global Hit – The Sound Of Life!

Or given that it’s E/ Coli, the sound of death maybe?

7 thoughts on “So the race is on!”

  1. Where do you stick the microphone?

    Up the patient’s arse, no doubt.

    Don’t do it to a politician, as the sound of them talking through their arses will swamp the e.coli’s ‘heartbeat’.

  2. a small drum made from graphene

    Some bugger from XR will insist on playing it to everyone’s annoyance.

  3. Ah, but the lyrics.
    In a tiny tiny voice:
    “Woke up this morning. Another day in the shit…”

  4. Never mind the beat-box, who was the very last youth to swagger down the high-street with an enormous stereo blaring from their shoulder?

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