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Sounds about right

Joe Biden will be battling a US recession in the run-up to the next presidential election and a possible rematch against Donald Trump, a major bank has predicted for the first time.

Monetary policy is thought to take about 18 months to really take effect.

Significant tightening spring 2022, real effects starting in autumn 2023. Next election season for Pres really starts Jan 2024. Yep, looks like Deutsche Bank can count and use a calendar.

7 thoughts on “Sounds about right”

  1. “Monetary policy is thought to take about 18 months to really take effect.”
    This is why I think the Ely tosser must really hate the poor.
    MMT theory. Inflation can be taxed out of the economy.
    But the poorer you are, the quicker & harder inflation hits you. The poor spend a far greater part of their income on quick turnover things. Food, energy bills, fuel for the car to get to work. The first things that go up. They don’t have the surplus income to cover it & any increase in their income will be based on past inflation, not future inflation. Whereas they’re having to deal with it tomorrow.
    So if the P³ gets his MMT money spaffing wrong, it’s the poor are going to pay the price.

  2. No idea if they can keep Joe alive / not lunging at children while screaming racial obscenities that long. Harris has failed even the low expectations of a diversity hire whose political career was built on blowjobs. Can’t even bring herself to not cackle at refugees. Somebody like glow-in-the-dark Pete Buttigieg would be a preferred choice for the laptop and latte class, but black women are a key Dem constituency and they don’t want to vote for a creepy white homosexual.

    Trump is still being legally persecuted in the hopes of tying him up in criminal investigations for the rest of his life and exhausting his wealth, maybe getting him imprisoned under a process crime like they did Martha Stewart. He’s also effectively banned from the internet, and various banks and payment processors have moved to cut off his ability to raise money. Those efforts will only redouble if he gets the nomination again, which the GOP is doing everything to prevent. They’d much rather get back to being the junior partner in the kleptocracy while the US is still a going concern with assets worth stealing.

    Finally, African style vote fraud defined the 2020 election and will happen again in 2024 because there’s nothing stopping it, and in fact every major corporation in America plus the feds have declared that you’re a terrorist if you ask questions about the integrity of federal elections and their magic 4am vote drops.

    There’s no good outcome here for the Septics, God blessed America but they thanked him by spitting in his eye and embracing Mammon and Moloch. Maybe, if they’re lucky, the Chinese will let them retain a sphere of influence in their own hemisphere and keep lending them money to allow some semblance of a United States of America to see out this century. But I wouldn’t bet ten yuan on that, they’ve already had the barbarian invasions, currency debasement and are now appointing horses to the supreme court. All signs point to the usual post-imperial decline and dissolution – the humiliation of Kabul should’ve been a major red flag but the USA has been sleepwalking through history since 1991.

  3. I don’t suppose the Dominion voting machines and the photocopiers of the US give a hoot about a recession.

  4. Obama said the green jobs were “shovel-ready.”

    They were not shovel-ready.

    Obama said it would take a “magic wand” to bring back blue-collar jobs.

    Trump brought back blue-collar jobs.

    Democrats said Trump would get us into war with North Korea/Iran/Russia/China.

    Nope, no wars whatsoever. A number of peace deals in the Middle East, though.

    Biden said he had doubts about the safety of “Trump’s vaccine.”

    Biden made the vaccine mandatory for the majority of U.S. citizens.

    Biden’s now saying there was no way to avoid the crises in Afghanistan, Ukraine, the U.S.-Mexican border, inflation, gas prices.

    Anyone want to take a wild guess if we can trust his judgment?

  5. I’m sad to say I agree with every word that Steve has written.

    The US is irredeemably rotten to the core.

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