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Sounds interesting

Revealed: ‘Secret society’ of tennis umpires living under reign of fear, power abuses and sexual favours

So, the tennis players had to in order…….ah, no, that’s not what they’re saying is it? Anna was safe.

Tennis umpires are living under a “rule of fear” and are at risk of predatory sexual advances according to leading figures within the sport, who have called for urgent reform to prevent the exploitation of young officials.

It’s the umpires being exploited.

“Using your body” – being open to sexual advances – has long been considered a fast track for aspiring umpires

There are a lot of areas of life where that’s true. Given human interest in sex and the relationship between power and getting it that’s also unlikely to change.

7 thoughts on “Sounds interesting”

  1. If it was the Williams Sisters, I might think twice.

    I wonder if there is a fixed tariff for overruling a line judge, ignoring double faults etc.

  2. Carlos Bernardes called a time violation on Rafael Nadal, who promptly got Bernardes booted from umpiring any of his matches.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if other umpires are afraid to call violations on the stars. But that doesn’t seem to be the “reign of fear” the article is talking about.

  3. I had visions of something akin to the Tom and Jerry Mammy on top of her wobbly stool crying out “Help! There’s a man (or a latter day Rene Richards, which is actually the same thing) climbing up my ladder”.

  4. There are some of us begging for predatory sexual advances. But tennis seems a high price to pay.

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