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This is cool

Texas Banned Homeless Encampments, So a Guy Made One on His Property
Josiah Ingalls is engaging in perhaps the boldest—and most literal—embodiment of the “Yes in My Backyard” philosophy by letting 19 homeless people live on his land.

So they’re not homeless now, are they?

13 thoughts on “This is cool”

  1. They won’t stay because there is nothing to do in rural Texas. They’ll be off to Austin, hanging around 6th street.

  2. I have read that the Texas governor is bussing illigals from the border to Washington DC and dumping them there.

  3. Two shipments, so far. But I would not characterize it as ‘dimlong’ them there as they are actually taken care of and provided more support than the Federal government did.

  4. Similar stories about other provinces giving homeless people bus tickets to Vancouver, the milder winter climate being a factor

  5. The postal service has recently suspended services in the worst area in Vancouver for homelessness citing duty to protect their staff from danger.

  6. Bit disappointed about Rwanda. My money was on South Georgia.

    But let’s face it ain’t never gonna happen. The Home Office won”t be able to do it. There’ll be too many civil servants ( whether by accident or design) and lawyers throwing spanners in the works.

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