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This is how life works, Honey

The US may not share Britain’s obsession with class – but it hates women every bit as much
Arwa Mahdawi

Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have an unpleasant amount in common with Angela Rayner. Female politicians are routinely belittled on both sides of the Atlantic

If you put yourself forward as the potential ruler of other peoples’ lives then you can expect a certain amount of scrutiny. We have indeed all talked about Boris being fired from The Times for inventing quotes, his propensity to stick it in multiple orifices is widely discussed, and we do also talk about how Kamala’s rise in California politics was aided by having round heels.

OK, all true stories, all relevant to the judgement of an individual and their ability to make our lives better.


16 thoughts on “This is how life works, Honey”

  1. You have to be careful about letting women into politics, you really do

    I agree with this unironically, insha’Allah.

    For example, Fox News suggested repeatedly that the US supreme court justice Ketanji Brown Jackson was nominated for the position only because she is black;

    She was.

    Kamala Harris, the vice-president, has been accused of sleeping her way to the top;

    Blowjobs are a TYPE of sleeping.

    and the Democratic senator Elizabeth Warren is routinely described as “unlikable”.

    She has the warm charm of an expired yoghurt.

    All those male politicians and judges, however?

    Nobody ever criticises that fascist, racist liar Boris Johnson.

  2. So, if it seems as if a given politician is a nasty piece of work, can we not voice our suspicions if she is a woman? Answer please, Ms Rayner.

  3. Why is it that so many left-wing commentators claim that bad-mouthing a person is based on the insulted person’s sex or race?

    It’s much more likely to be because the person is seen as abhorrent – for any number of reasons. Kamala and Fauxahontas are prime examples of abhorrent people.

    Well, yes, we know why they do. It’s the Narrative. But is there not even one small speck of decency, humanity, honesty or even competence in these people?

  4. Both Palin and Thatcher are Different…
    They weren’t Champions of the Left, are universally hated by that lot, and were in cahoots with the Patriarchy.

    It’s almost as if these people never left the highschool clique mindset, even when they’re supposedly adults..

  5. Dennis, Asking The Tough Questions So You Don't Have To

    Evidently Arwa Mahdawi sincerely believes that women cannot compete with men on a level playing field because of their inherent weakness relative to men.

    Why is it that these days the most ardent and unapologetic male chauvinists are women?

  6. Obviously only right wing white males should be in positions of authority because they are the only people it is OK to criticize.

  7. It’s not Angela Rayner’s fault that she looks somewhat similar to the way cheap street prostitute’s are depicted in TV thrillers.

  8. Before Easter, my knowledge of the colloquial meaning of “growler” was limited to a bottle you can fill and refill from a brewpub. Now I know that it also a pork pie and a bedraggled minge. I have Angela Rayner to thank for one of these new meanings. But the underlying connection is?

  9. Britain’s obsession with class –
    A glance at the Tory front bench suggests we aren’t.
    But hey ! maybe Tim Westwood only got his job as a DJ by being the son of a Church of England bishop.

  10. “A glance at the Tory front bench suggests we aren’t.”

    Only in certain circles… The UK is easy when you can actually prove any claim to anything over Baronet.
    The sheer inferiority complex of those who can’t ( and have several generations of proven success) is absolutely staggering the first time you encounter it.
    Blue Blood is a Thing in the UK. And… it’s not one of the most endearing….. features of the nation.

  11. Grikath


    And there was me thinking I was a Brit!

    Well, actually, I am. I don’t recognize the place I knew from your observation, though. Perhaps it’s because I never amounted to anything, and so never rubbed elbows with those who thought themselves the Great and the Good, nor their hangers-on.

    Well, other than Bentwood-Wedge, with who I once had some employer-related dealings. Didn’t strike me as a particularly anything, though

  12. @BiTiN to be fair.. I just happened to ..encounter… the phenomenon because some of my forebears happened to hump…

    But yeah.. There’s a whole slice of Brit Society that opens up for a mere side-dish.
    Especially the bit that is supposed to be the Sworn Enemy of the whole principle of Accidents of Birth, and tend to be quite vocal about it publicly.

    You didn’t miss anything… trust me…

  13. Male politicians long ago learned to put up with people saying they have tiny dicks or give off creepy vibes. Enough of this bullshit about women being called “bitchy.” They should be grateful.

  14. Male politicians long ago learned to put up with people saying they have tiny dicks or give off creepy vibes. Enough of this bullshit about women being called “bitchy.” They should be grateful.

    Not just “bitchy”. Don’t you remember that bastion of middle class privilege, Ms. Emma Watson (young bint from the Harry Potter movies), doing her wailing and gnashing of teeth bit over being called “bossy” as an 8-year old at the UN Women’s Conference back in 2014?

    Right up there with the Holocaust it is, I’m telling you.

  15. @John Galt

    After reading that, I’m planning a candlelight vigil for Emma at the house of the schoolyard bully who said it. #NeverAgain

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