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This is terribly cruel of me but…..

Together they had four children; Rebecca, who is founder and director of Rewilding Britain and is married to the climate thinker and journalist George Monbiot; Marieke, a former mental-health worker;

Is George certain he married the right sister? You know, for his personal requirements?

8 thoughts on “This is terribly cruel of me but…..”

  1. Cause and effect maybe? Did she decide to become a mental health worker before or after she met her brother in law.

  2. “Cause and effect maybe?”

    Did Becky develop a passion for re-wilding Britain before or after George borrowed her Kimono….

  3. I’m all in favour of re-wilding. I’m on these pages as saying ‘Let there be a great re-wilding’.
    Our food can be grown in vertical farms, perhaps in Africa, maybe nuclear powered.

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