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Single-parent households are among the most exposed to the cost of living crisis, with a savings pot 20 times smaller than the UK average, analysis shows.

The modal UK household has two adult earners in it. Households with only one potential earner will do worse. And?

6 thoughts on “Unsurprising”

  1. Pet peeve alert:
    There is no such thing as “twenty times smaller.” There is “one-twentieth the size” or, for the numerate (which excludes the Guardian, natch) “five percent of.” Other than those (and the obvious variations), there is gobbledygook. The one benefit of the construction is the infallible warning that you are about to read compete bullshit.
    /pet peeve – as you were.

  2. Haha. It reminds me of when the news was going on about how poorer families were “more vulnerable” to the effects of the unexpected freeze in Texas last year as if that was an interesting or unexpected observation. By definition, poverty is a lack of resources. And despite the perceptions of the ignorant, those with resources usually spend some of it to insulate themselves from unexpected events, including unexpected weather and power failure. People with means don’t spend all of it on booze and oppressing the poor.
    Likewise here. Yes people with less income relative to their obligations and costs will by and large end up with less savings. This is not news.

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