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Well yes, can happen

A trainee surgeon falsely accused two senior doctors of sexual harassment after she was caught trying to take credit for a major study at Cambridge University, a misconduct tribunal has heard.

Dr Zoe Sun, 37, reported the innocent medics to detectives from two police forces and wrongly insisted to supervisors that the pair faced arrest.

The allegations were made after Ms Sun was exposed for falsifying a research project funded by pharmaceutical giants GlaxoSmithKline (GSK).

Someone who lies about one thing might well about another. Floodgates are breached, after all.

Still, now we know that at least two claims of sexual harassment are wrong. So, again, floodgates are breached – how many more are now that we know at least some are?

10 thoughts on “Well yes, can happen”

  1. And not just sexual harassment. About 15 years ago, a bloke who worked in one of my departments announced he was leaving. He had recently met a woman and fathered twins with her. I’d always had a professional and cordial relationship with him, and we thought he was moving on to make more money.

    Then he announced he was leaving because my racist comments regarding his ethnic origins had upset him. There was a lengthy HR process where I had to defend myself against twenty-odd pages of accusations. A nice payout for him if successful.

    It wasn’t, as there was not an iota of truth in it. He left without a payout. He’s now a psychotherapist working in London, and I was a bit resentful about being called a racist.

    Oh, and I’m also a tiny bit more inclined to think that Cypriots might be lying twats.

  2. I’m boggled that she thought she could get away with the fraud. What was she going to, change her name to Ms Glaxo Smith-Kline and claim the research was self funded? Definitely not of totally sound mind.

  3. “I doubt I’d last a week there these days”

    Probably applies to most of us around these parts John.

  4. “Ms Sun’s role was to collect data from human subjects…”

    I was one of her human subjects in that study in 2017. I liked her, shame she thought she had to do this. 🙁

  5. I wonder if Miss (formerly Dr) Sun might well be trying to apply wokery to the medical profession and if so glad they’re having none of it. Certain lowly researchers after all have been lauded, if they have certain characteristics, for major discoveries which yeah they did a lot of legwork for but saw senior supervisors with differing characteristics end up getting much of the credit.

  6. Sam Vara,
    A few years ago a bloke in a pub accused me of making fun of him because he was South African. He had no noticable accent and up to that point I had assumed he was as English as I. Furthermore, I was not making fun of him either. Realizing I was dealing with a nutter, I apologised and left.

    Such people do exist. Woody Allen had joke about it where a guy interprets “D’you want lunch?” As “Jew want lunch?”

  7. I worked somewhere and there was a female manager who if she couldn’t get her own way would accuse men who stood up to her of making her feel ‘uncomfortable’ and ‘looking at her in a sexual way’
    Directors didn’t want to deal with HR process of an official complaint so avoided the issue by giving in, the clever ones only assigned women to work with her where they could

  8. ‘I don’t have a racist bone in my body.’ Why do people sometime say this? As a self-confessed racist my conclusion that even if all institutions were perfect and holy race and culture overlap and significantly affect aggregate outcomes is due to activity in my brain. So I can claim no racist bones too.

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