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We’re seeing that other side, aren’t we?

He said: “Free speech is the bedrock of a functioning democracy, and Twitter is the digital town square where matters vital to the future of humanity are debated.”

But Amnesty International, which campaigns for the release of dissidents jailed for speaking out against human rights abuses, expressed its disapproval of Mr Musk’s takeover in a Tweet on Monday night. It said: “Two words: toxic Twitter.”

Amnesty in favour of censorship. Sigh. Eheu fugaces, etc, etc.

11 thoughts on “We’re seeing that other side, aren’t we?”

  1. It’s one of those irregular constructions. I choose my words wisely, you require reasonable limits, he censors, they’re fascist hatemongers.

  2. If the socialists don’t like what twatter might now become (in their heads), they’re free to go and build their own platform.

  3. Amnesty International, which campaigns for the release of dissidents jailed for speaking out against human rights abuses

    That may have been true 20-30 years ago. Here in Ireland we only hear of them when they campaign tireless for MOAR ABORTION and ISRAEL BAD

  4. Twitter being privately owned by billionaires such as Elon Musk is highly problematic.

    It should be owned by TRUSTED PEOPLE, such as the Saudi royal family and BlackRock.

  5. I was ok with a private company booting off or muting extremists if its in the pursuit of getting a return on their investment. However one set of extremists have a way of getting in on the inside and then booting others off. What’s odd is that Elon has said he doesn’t want to make money, he just wants to make it free speech. But really all he has to do is boot the insider extremists out, get the rest to solely focus on what maximises the ad revenue, and fire everyone who wants to put their politics in between that goal.

  6. Amnesty used to be a good organisation. My wife’s family, some of whom had to escape Lenin, violent Lithuanian thugs during the interwar years and the attentions of the uni-testicled Austrian Corporal and knew the importance of not forgetting those imprisoned for their non violent views or opinions, had involvement with it in its very early days. That was when Amnesty really was doing a lot to defend prisoners of conscience in various,often Communist, hell holes.

    Today I can’t help but wonder at just how far Amnesty International has fallen. To see Amnesty become a cheerleader for censoring the very non-violent dissidents that they once purported to give succor to is a sad end to a once good and well respected organisation. Amnesty have become a partisan Leftist entity and I would not now given them a brass farthing let alone any substantial sum.

    As Gunker said, Amnesty International are now more concerned with pushing abortion and whining about the one truly democratic nation in the Middle East rather than prisoners of conscience.

  7. Black Lives Matter caused an uptick in black and Hispanic deaths in 2021.

    AntiFa promotes and engages in fascism.

    ACLU said vaccine mandates aren’t a violation of civil liberties.

    ADL recently started distinguishing between white Jews and “Jews of color.”

    It’s almost like there are people out there who don’t practice what they preach. Who’da thunk it?

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