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What naughty boys, eh?

Fertility clinics charging up to twice the advertised price to freeze customers’ eggs
Investigation by The Telegraph finds some of country’s leading clinics failed to include cost of key elements of treatment in main prices

Not, exactly, unusual now, is it?

Yet some studies suggest as few as 3.3 per cent of eggs frozen by women aged between 36 and 39, the most common age for egg freezing in the UK, lead to a live birth.

Now that bit I find surprising. Even amusing. For that’s a little late isn’t it? 19 would be a better age, no?

9 thoughts on “What naughty boys, eh?”

  1. At 19 they still think they’re going to have it all.

    At 36 they start to realize that lots of cats are in their future.

  2. @JuliaM, why should a 19 year old girl want her eggs frozen?

    As to having children, then youngsters may not be able to afford it. However, if the male is dumped and/or is nowhere to be seen after fertilising an egg, then the state steps in and covers the costs – and as the state has no money of its own, it steals it from the taxpayer.

    For a girl at Uni, she has another 2 years before she graduates …

  3. Agammamon,

    It really amazes me that mothers don’t sit their daughters down at say, 17 and explain this shit to them. They’re probably 40+, and notice that men are paying a lot less attention to them in the office than the new 21 year old in marketing with great skin and firm knockers. I mean, women spend money on make up and de-ageing creams. They fucking know that youth sells.

    I’m not sure how we could engineer it, but women should really be popping out sprogs between 16 and 21. Then spending their 20s raising them. Then when the kids go to school, start studying, and once at senior school, start working at 30-35. They’ll have a lot less complaints about workplace sexual harassment as they’ll no longer have great skin and firm knockers.

  4. Girls are born with roughly 25,000 eggs. (Evolution going over the top to secure inheritance.) So a success rate of 3% in IVF is no great scandal.

  5. @BoM4
    they’ll no longer have great skin and firm knockers

    Not necessarily! I am acquainted with a number not so disadvantaged…

  6. “Bloke on M4
    April 24, 2022 at 8:51 am

    It really amazes me that mothers don’t sit their daughters down at say, 17 and explain this shit to them.”

    We’re big in ignoring biology nowadays. If people really want the ‘I can do anything and I’ll have a career out of the home and have children when I’m settled at 40’ we’d already be making it normal to freeze eggs at 20 and set aside money for in-vitro later in life.

    Instead we pretend life choices don’t require tradeoffs.

  7. One of the great Investment Trust sages used to say “Think of life as a series of liabilities”. There’s wisdom in that.

  8. One does currently wonder at what age transchildren should be freezing their gametes.

    After puberty or… ah. Just ignore that question.

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