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Yep, even geothermal plants will be stopped by the enviros

The rare Dixie Valley toad, found only in the 760 acres of Nevada wetland it’s named after, has been given temporary emergency protections by the Federal government as a plan for a geothermal energy plant threatens its habitat.

6 thoughts on “Yep, even geothermal plants will be stopped by the enviros”

  1. Oh yes, these ‘Friends of the Earth, enemies of the people’ will ALWAYS choose mother nature over the cancer that is humanity.

    Freeze, starve and die. Us of course, not them……..

  2. ……drying up the hotsprings it requires, which are also sacred to the tribe.

    The old indigenous peoples sacred land scam. Works every time.

    My favourite example is the land around the Black Hills of Dakota which is (currently) sacred to the Lakota tribe.

    Who stole it from the Cheyenne.

    Who stole it from the Kiowa.

    Who stole it from the Pawnee.

    Who stole it from the Crow.

    Who stole it from the Arikara.

    Who stole it from the Clovis.

    Who undoubtedly stole it from whoever was there before them.

  3. The new hydro electric dam in British Columbia has faced numerous issues over First Nations rights and environmental complaints, the official environmental impact assessment required before construction took over 3 years to complete and has still faced subsequent complaints and challenges

  4. Yeah BniC. That’s why I think the UK should go full on with fracking ‘just for the duration of the emergency’.

    They know what to do and where to drill. The gas can be pumped out and sent through the pipelines under emergency regulations while the endless lawfare to stop it goes on and on and on.

  5. Bogan

    “Emergency Use Authorisation”

    Brilliant. After all, if it’s deemed good enough for a gene therapy treatment vaccine….

  6. Wetlands? In Nevada? You learn something every day.
    NAWM. National Association of Wetland Managers. A charity. From Portland.

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