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A remarkably un-self aware, umm, lady, is Our Nicola

Defining what a woman is would harm trans people, says Nicola Sturgeon

She’s married, presumably seen herself and her husband in the nuddy – although you never know with Scots.

18 thoughts on “A remarkably un-self aware, umm, lady, is Our Nicola”

  1. She’s married, presumably seen herself and her husband in the nuddy – although you never know with Scots.

    I wouldn’t put money on it. Her husband Peter Murray is Chief Executive of the SNP and as much a monomaniac on independence as she is. I suspect their marriage has as much sex as Hitler and Goebbels.

    He’s currently under investigation regarding £600,000 which has mysteriously vanished from SNP coffers, so might be departing the marital bed for a considerable time if convicted.

  2. She added: “Trans people are amongst, possibly the most, stigmatised and discriminated-against minorities in our society.

    How does she define “trans people”? And whose fault is it if they’re unpopular?

    “And every time we oversimplify this debate, trans people actually suffer. And I think it’s important, they’re such a tiny minority, that we actually take the issues around protecting and enhancing the rights of trans people seriously.”

    Take this man in a cheap nylon fright wig and clown makeup SERIOUSLY, she argued.

    Then the feminists try a “no true tranny” argument:

    Her self-ID proposals are not about ‘trans people’ but for anyone who chooses, for whatever reason, to change sex in law.

    Thing is, there aren’t any ‘trans people’, it’s a categorical error. We know, as a matter of medical science, that people can’t be born in the “wrong” body, and it’s medically impossible to change sex.

    Crossdressers, autogynephiles, extremely effeminate homosexuals, tomboys and the mentally ill have been around forever. It’s only very recently that we’ve started sifting this diverse pick n mix of sexual and emotional issues and rebranded it as “transgender”, on the basis of mystical genderwoo.

    Unfortunately that is causing very real and serious harm, because the prognosis for these people is rotten. They need help, but instead they get doctors handing out hormone pills that ravage and sterilise their bodies, then horrific surgery to butcher their sex organs. You wouldn’t do this to a dog, but they’re allowed to mutilate human beings on the NHS.

    If Nicola gave a caber toss about ‘trans people’, she’d love them enough to at least tell them the truth. But she doesn’t care, it’s all a pose.

  3. @Steve – to make it worse, all the tranny madness drummed up by the loons and supported by types like Sturgeon has led to an increase in mental illness. 10 years ago, you did not get teenage girls suffering from gender dysphoria. Now there are thousands and the malignant loons who drove them to it want to ‘treat’ them with drugs and surgical mutilation.

  4. Perhaps Jimmy Krankie’s evil twin should have been asked for the definition of a trans person? If she can’t or won’t define what a woman is, how can she understand what a trans person is?

  5. MC – it’s the worst failure of the state to fulfill its duty of care since the Muslim rape gangs scandal (incidentally, a subject Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t think is worth mentioning despite it happening on a large scale in Glasgow)

    A few years ago the main socially transmitted mental illness affecting girls was anorexia. No responsible adult thought starving yourself to look like Karen Carpenter in a concentration camp was a good thing, and doctors didn’t encourage it.

    The evil genius of gender ideology lies in the packaging – by framing it as a gay rights issue it’s convinced people who know better that it’s ok to encourage a 14 year old girl to get on “puberty blockers” (a dangerous drug in itself) and on the path to sterilisation, amputation of her healthy breasts, and possibly a horrific surgical parody of a penis made out of her flayed leg and awkwardly stitched onto her pudenda like the special effects from a banned video nasty.

    But trannyism has nothing to do with being gay. Homosexuality is a type of sexual preference, lesbians just want to shack up with a nice girl who also enjoys playing golf and watching Xena: Warrior Princess. The gays are sometimes obnoxious in their politics, but ultimately just want to be gay. Transgenderists want to be something they can never be, and to force you to participate in their delusion on pain of hate crime charges.

  6. Dennis, Your Guide To The USA

    Once again, I am reminded why my ancestors left Scotland and never looked back.

  7. Defining what a woman is would harm trans people

    What about women? You know, half the population – about 4 billion people. They should become indeterminate Willamenas of the wisp for the sake of some bizarre minority cult?

  8. PJF – What about women? You know, half the population – about 4 billion people. They should become indeterminate Willamenas of the wisp for the sake of some bizarre minority cult?


  9. She’s given the game away: if defining “woman” would harm trans people, then obviously the definition would exclude them.

  10. What else to expect from a country where the national dress for men is a skirt, the national sport a punch-up and haute cuisine a fish supper and deep-fried mars bar?

  11. Bastard!!!
    Nuddy, Sturgeon and Nicola are not words that should be considered to belong in the same country let alone in the same little article. I will not be able to purge that image from my mind for weeks, if then.

  12. Extreme Trans Rights Are Bullying

    My views on the trans issues.
    I think that the trans issue is deeply disgusting and narcissistic.
    I am against homophobia. Homophobic bullying is evil. I have hated bullies all my life.
    But the trans issue is different.
    It is about an utterly tiny minority deciding to have the right to override the rights of the vast majority of society.
    One of the central foundations of society is that there is a difference between men and women.
    Men and women use different toilets, different sports teams due to the physical differences.
    Men and women use different changing rooms, because women do not want men seeing them getting changed. It is about respecting women’s privacy.
    The idea that a man can then decide he has a right to claim to be a woman is nonsense and disgusting. Especially when they decide to be a man one day and a woman the next. It is a joke. It is not brave it is cowardly and perverted to think you as a man can decide to go to the women’s toilet the next day and a man’s the next.
    I read a trans soundbite that says ‘trans people have right to piss. Get over it.’
    Well my reply to that would be no one is stopping you have a piss. But if you are a man then do the toilet in the men’s changing room do not decide to change in the women’s toilet because you have decided to be a woman one day.
    If you are so brave then go to a man’s toilet wearing a dress. Do not upset women because you do not have the guts to face up to men in a dress while being a man. You are the coward, and the bully.
    Many women find drag acts to be sexist because it is mocking women, like white people blacking up is racist.
    One of the central premises of society cannot be overturned, just because less than a per cent of society have issues with it.
    I am not talking about some trivial difference like hair colour or whether you chew your finger nails. We are talking about one of the central defining, identifying and structural frameworks of society. Gender.
    You cannot enter a woman’s race or sport when you are a man.
    You cannot enter the woman’s toilet when you are a man.
    You are not brave you are cowardly to do so.
    How is it brave to be a man and enter a woman’s race? It is a cowardly and disgusting,
    Imagine if someone decided to paint themself green and then said all of society should change it’s structure to represent their green skin. It is nonsense. Grow up.

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