The extent of this boost varies from person to person: While libido is often portrayed as a simple reflection of hormone levels, it’s actually the product of a slew of complex factors—an equation that experts are still puzzling out. Notably, the alleviation of gender dysphoria that often comes with going on T can reduce a person’s stress levels and increase their comfort in their own skin. Those changes themselves can trigger an uptick in libido. The initial surge in sex drive that comes with taking T also typically abates over the course of a few months or years, eventually leveling off into a new baseline of sexual interest and urges.

You get more interested in sex because you’re no longer worried about your sex – instead of because testosterone.

Yeah, right.

9 thoughts on “Ahahahaha”

  1. Trans women who take testosterone blockers also get a surge in libido. Not being miserably depressed does make a difference to your sex drive.

  2. Podcast host Anthony Cumia recently had issues with low T as he entered his 50s, and he now receives regular injections of testosterone from a doctor.

    “I need a guy to stick me in the ass every week to become more of a man!”

  3. Ah F->M trans. Yeah… big surprise there.. Who’da thunk it.

    No mention that “T” in a female body gives an endless amount of troubles because it isn’t built for it, but yeah….

    But Vice Hath Spokeneth! “T”‘s the Deal!!

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