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All you need to know about Cuba

The 96-room hotel, with a spa, gym, two restaurants, two bars and a rooftop pool is one of the most famous in Havana, and a popular retreat for government officials and celebrities.

Beyonce, Madonna and the King of Morocco are all known to have stayed at the venue, in a prime location in Old Havana, just across from the Congress building.

Where the state controls the economy then the Minister for Paperclips hangs out at the top venues with Beyonce.

5 thoughts on “All you need to know about Cuba”

  1. Those of you on instagram might like to look at an excellent feed called @dictators_having_fun

  2. “Madonna and the King of Morocco” sounds like a promising follow=up to “The King and I.” Breakout number, “Shall We Fuck?”

  3. “This club is off the chain! And what do you do for the government?”

    “I execute the bastardos who badmouth the revolution.”

    “Ooh that’s wild, because I have these trolls on TikTok…”

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