An interesting little political observation

Contrary to popular progressive opinion it’s not in fact Trump driving the revolution:

Trump’s Midas effect may be waning as Dr Oz struggles to win over Maga crowds
The former president’s pick faces a late challenge from ‘Ultra-MAGA’ candidate Kathy Barnette, testing Mr Trump’s command of his followers

The wave exists and Trump has ridden it, for sure. But that’s the political point here, Trump’s not the cause of the wave, he’s just been the rider.

There really are tens of millions out there who despise the progressive dispensation. Akin, in fact very close, to Farage. Neither politician was the cause of the national upchuck. Rider, exploiter, channeller, as you wish, but not the cause. That significant chunk of the population ain’t happy.

Which is a problem for that progressive and managerial tendency, isn’t it?

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  1. I’d argue that progressive opinion only chose to blame Trump simply because they’d otherwise have to admit that his election was a valid democratic choice by the majority of the population that loathed them.

  2. The huge number of online/media attacks, defences, claims and counterclaims being made about Mrs Barnette, and in particular her service record, shows both sides believe there is considerable political capital to be made by electing or defeating her. This story has a long way to go.

  3. Which is a problem for that progressive and managerial tendency, isn’t it?

    Not really Tim, the Establishments in Western countries are busily importing millions of new citizens from the third-world to replace those recalcitrant racist bigots who don’t kowtow; ‘Electing a New People’ as Brecht put it.

  4. Bloke in North Dorset


    I’m reminded of a BBC Confidential program based on the release of cabinet papers for the year ’82 or ’83 or around then. They had a form Labour cabinet minister from Callaghan’s government on (I want to say Hattersley but can’t guarantee it) discussing Thatcher’s reforms. He said they knew what needed doing, they just couldn’t figure out a way to do it because of the political blow back.

    I think a lot of the progressive reaction to Trump and Farage is similar, they know in their heads that a lot of what they said was right and the cognitive dissonance is why they react so badly.

    BTW, I strongly recommend that BBC Confidential series, especially if you lived through that period. It starts in ’74 and goes through to ’86, its a shame they ended it.

  5. Anudder thing journos refuse to understand because they’re craven rentboys lisping lies for power is that BLOMPH usually favours middle of the road, moderate, boring candidates. Because Orange Badman is practical and not radical.

    He supported a guy called Luther Strange for the empty Senate seat from Alabama a couple of years ago. Luther Strange was a bog standard Jim Hacker type who’d been in politics, without making any observable waves, for years. No doubt a RINO, but he would’ve gotten elected without difficulty and been a reasonably reliable vote for the government. So he received President Trump’s blessing.

    The base, or the section of the base that gets excited about primaries (i.e. weirdos), didn’t like Strange Luther. They voted for a buffoon and serial loser of elections called Roy Moore instead, because Mr Moore wore a big hat, had a big mouth, and was fond of dramatic, but useless, political stunts. Being an already divisive figure with an amusingly louche past of shagging teenagers in the 1970’s, Mr Moore was predictably monstered, lost the election and allowed the Democrats to take what should’ve been a safe Republican seat.

  6. “Trump’s Midas effect may be waning ” or alternatively he’s chosen the wrong candidate this time. How i understand it Burnette criticized Trump in the past and he doesn’t seem the type to forgive and forget.

  7. ‘Thatcher’s reforms’ were often a continuation of Labour policies. Even when she at Education her removal of free school milk for primary schools just completed Labour’s removal of ditto from secondary schools. As PM her pit closures continued the policies of Wilson and Attlee (she closed fewer than Attlee); her “privatisations” built on Healey’s start of the “privatisation” of BP.

    Of course compared to all those twats and twerps she was a giant, but not everything she did was unprecedented.

    Also I think she’s underpraised for the things she didn’t do. Just look at all the soft lefty rubbish of Call me Dave and Boris – I don’t remember that sort of bollocks under Mrs T.

  8. @moqifen

    Yes, Dr Oz is odious establishment dual national lockdown & vax zealot – he’s USA’s GMB Dr Hillary. Trump’s endrsement is irrational

    Oz even looks untrustworthy (a lot like Mandelson):

    The fact that the “MAGA” establishment, including Donald Trump himself, are throwing their weight behind Dr Oz, a dual citizen World Economic Forum globalist Hollywood “doctor” who doesn´t even live in PA is telling
    Kathy is such a danger to the Establishment they deleted her Wikipedia page and are digging up all of her old tweets from years ago in an attempt to smear her. It´s not working. Her support is only growing from this because her old tweets are extremely based
    This primary is about We The People vs the elites who hate us. The choice could not be more clear…

    Fox’s Hannity has been promoting Oz and denigrating Kathy for weeks

    Hannity: Back establishment lockdown, vax, mask zealot Dr “Hillary” Oz. Oz is in world’s top 10 of lockdown zealots who caused the inflation etc we’re now suffering
    Trump endorsed him, you must vote for him.
    —How about Trump made a mistake?

    Trump should have withdrawn his endorsement weeks ago

  9. Since liberals like to equate these guys with Hitler…

    It’s similar to the reality that killing Hitler as a baby would not have prevented war or genocide in Germany, only postponed it at best. The shitty economy, shitty culture at the time and desperation for both a savior and scapegoat caused WWII. Which is why Hitler gained so much power, and why it was that much more complicated to deal with the spread of Nazism. The absurd “solution” still stemmed from very real problems.

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