Another cost of lockdowns then

More children are likely to be affected by RSV in the future, experts believe, because masks and lockdowns have robbed children of natural immunity against a range of common viruses, including RSV.

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  1. Revive the Nuremberg Code: it’ll help shrinking the civil service if we hang the guilty bureaucrats and seize their assets, as well as encouraging the others.

  2. Respiratory syncytial virus is killing 100,000 children under the age of five every year worldwide

    Thanks, maskies!

  3. Overall, 97% of RSV deaths in children under five occurred in low- and middle-income countries.

    Cynical me thinks that these are exactly the countries that didn’t do the whole Mask/Lockdown circus, so ummmm…. not much of a connection there, innit?

    And doing some napkin-fu….
    At 140 million kids/year over 5 years the actual incidence of this New Babbie Killer Scare is… ummmm… yeah…. Not really worried..

  4. I’m sure I’m missing something, but this is 2019 figures?

    “RSV-attributable acute lower respiratory infections led to more than 100,000 deaths of children under five in 2019, according to figures published in the Lancet.”

  5. Adolff not quite correct.. It’s just that the ones that do were actually specifically …disencouraged.. And in some places, like Krautland, actually disallowed in places..

    Honestly.. the whole thing would have made a good Python skit.

  6. Grikath, I appreciate you have some expertise in these things and whilst you may be pendantically correct (there are indeed masks that will stop an aerosol virus) the type of masks worn by 99.99% of people don’t, so to all intents and purposes, the answer is still ‘No’.

  7. Must admit Ljh’s approach looks really good.

    However perhaps we could give the guilty the option of being infected with the latest scare, monkey pox.

  8. RSV – from memory, there was a heads up issued early/mid June 2021, that the annual rise in cases was expected to start early that year, September-ish.

    It actually began mid-August, and seemed to be more prevalent than forecast.

    I know of about 6 kids, ages between 3 to 7, ended up with various (some multiple) hospital visits, SE and NE England, and Denmark, some blue-lighted in. Brighton hospital got swamped about mid-October.

  9. The Law of Unintended Consequences is alive and well and thriving in the Age of Covid.

  10. In principle, the right type of mask, when worn correctly, slows (but cannot stop) transmission of diseases like Covid. In practice, the general public did not use this type of mask and did not fit their masks correctly – large gaps around the edges mean you’re breathing around the mask rather than through it. And, of course, few children under five used masks, so any effect would be one whereby adults passed RSV amongst themselves and then grought it home to their children.

    I’d like to see rather more data before concluding that there’s an effect here beyond normal variation.

  11. @Dr K.A. Rodgers

    Nailed it

    @Grikath, Charles

    In principle, the masks do nothing or increase infection, even if worn correctly.

    N95/FFP3 masks block 95% of particles larger than 0.30 microns, they SAS-Cov-2 virus is 0.12 microns. Mask let’s it in, then virus laden droplets stick to mask when exhaled and are reinhaled. See Foegen Effect

    USA mandated masks for all 2yo & over everwhere, still in place in schools in many states. UK many nurseries & schools did same

    Countless scientists warned masks would damage immune system by blocking bacteria etc we need to keep immune system working. Still ignored.

    Lockdown, isolation, masks and the poison jab have hugely damaged, maybe permanently, the sheeples immune system. I knew this, so never complied

    Good informative read:

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