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Could be, could be

Last week, a forensic psychologist named Shannon Curry testified at the Johnny Depp-Amber Heard defamation trial, stating that she believes Amber Heard has borderline personality disorder and histrionic personality disorder.

Histrionic what?

whereas histrionic personality disorder is characterized “by individuals who are flamboyant, seek attention, and demonstrate an excessive emotionality.”

Oh, an actress who takes her work home, is it?

10 thoughts on “Could be, could be”

  1. The first time I was an expert witness the barrister briefed me against behaving like an American expert witness (at least as represented on the telly). That is, I was a servant of the court not a servant of whichever side had paid my fee.

  2. Dearieme, after hearing the kids talk about it, I’ve been listening to some of the broadcasts on YouTube whilst doing other things.

    It is quite interesting from a procedural point of view, although it sometimes is about as exciting as watching paint dry when they get bogged down in some of the technical nitty-gritty. One of the early highlights was when a lawyer (Heard’s) objected to his own question!

    The videos in which the forensic pathologist was being questioned were the first ones I watched.

    She’s not only a very handsome lass, but very measured and very sharp.

    One of the first things that she pointed out to Amber Heard’s lawyers was that her responsibility was to the Court irrespective of who had hired her.

    So score one for American expert witnesses!

  3. Dr Curry is indeed a a fine filly. I saw some YT footage of her slapping down idiot questions from Heard’s lawyers.

    It always strikes me that ‘personality disorder’ tends to mean ‘arsehole’.

  4. During her testimony, Curry was asked if women “are tagged with a diagnosis of borderline personality disorder.” Curry disagreed, stating it was “more prevalent in women.”

    Someone not afraid to admit she actually knows what a woman is.

    “So like most personality disorders, and really like most mental health issues in general, there seems to be a biological component.”

    She’s even using the “B” word.

  5. Whereas Johnny – I feel like I’ve got to kmow him personally through watching him nightly on Court TV Live – is that rare, nay unique nreed: a man with an admitted serious drink and drugs problem who’s behaviour never strays from reasonable.

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