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Err, yes, think we’d accept this reasoning

“We say that the exchange of money for services is quite obviously a business interest. It goes without saying that accepting pay from members of the public in exchange for sexual services is conduct which is capable of bringing the police into disrepute.”

Threesomes, werl, private life, innit? Money? That’s a business.

A detective who worked as a prostitute when he was off duty has been found guilty of gross misconduct after failing to report his business interests to the police force employing him.

Detective Constable Nicholas Taylor and his partner Eleanor Turner advertised online to meet men for sex at their home in return for payment, a misconduct hearing was told.

It’s a fair cop Guv’*.

*Oh, come on, you didn’t think I was going to leave that line out, did you?

24 thoughts on “Err, yes, think we’d accept this reasoning”

  1. The Other Bloke in Italy

    I scan the Mail most days. It does not take long when you ignore the non-stories on the basis of headline or photograph.

    Recently, it seems there is not a day without several accounts of police officers engaged in either misconduct or criminal conduct.

    I know the Force was never near pure, but has it been getting worse?

  2. @TOBII
    …or has the Mail discovered that these stories generate clicks, so have put more effort into looking for them?
    At a guess things are as they’ve always been, just more reported on.

  3. So the crime, as the Police see it, was not declaring the income rather than being a prostitute.

    Things have moved on quite a bit since Dixon of Dock Green…

  4. “…£130… £140… £150. Thanks.

    Now, would you like to take down her particulars?”

  5. I wonder if he uses the official handcuffs? Or are his work ones studded leather lined with purple plush?

  6. I recall when I was working at HMIT (as was) back in the 1980s being visited by a couple of police officers (one male, one female) who were keen to clear up Southampton’s red light district and thought some pressure from the tax office on the workers there to pay taxes might persuade them to move elsewhere.

    Next time I saw the female police office was a picture in the News of the World a year or so later where, scantily dressed in a few bits of police uniform, there was a story about her decision to quit the police force and start working as an escort. Presumably escorts were making more money than she was as a police officer.

  7. From Sickipedia:

    Tip number 1 – if you get pulled over by a female police officer who asks you if you know why they’ve stopped you, don’t reply, “Is it because you wanted to give me a blowjob?”
    Tip number two – If they then ask you to get out of the car and put your hands behind your head, don’t get your cock out and say, “I fucking knew it!”

  8. Bloke in North Dorset


    Beverly, very, careful what you wish for. There was a story a couple of years ago about a copper n Hull who didn’t decide what gender he was going to be on duty until he got to the police station. He had 2 sets of uniforms.

  9. bloke in spain said:
    “Being a prostitute, Ash, is & was never a crime in the UK.”

    True, but ‘living off immoral earnings’ (i.e. benefiting from someone else’s prostitution) is. I thought being the male half of a prostitute couple was generally thought to risk being the wrong side of the line.

  10. @BiND,

    I’m assuming ‘Beverly’ is really ‘Be very,’ – and I wasn’t wishing for anything, was I?

  11. “True, but ‘living off immoral earnings’ (i.e. benefiting from someone else’s prostitution) is.(illegal)”
    Indeed. However, the ladies of negotiable affection are expected to declare their income for tax purposes. So the Chancellor of the Exchequer lives off of immoral earnings.
    But we knew that anyway.

  12. OT, but I see the government has lost its nerve (yeah I know) and decided to implement a windfall tax on energy companies in the middle of an energy crisis, to pay for another one-off bung to the electorate that’ll cost us a cool £15Bn.

    That makes me wonder how much worse they’re expecting things to get by the autumn. If you haven’t already stocked up on a couple of months worth of tinned food and toilet paper, now’s the time.

  13. bloke in spain said:
    May 26, 2022 at 3:10 pm
    “ladies of negotiable affection are expected to declare their income for tax purposes. So the Chancellor of the Exchequer lives off of immoral earnings”

    Indeed – Commissioners of Inland Revenue v Aken [trading as Miss Whiplash] (1990)

  14. Well I never.
    “In 1991 it emerged St Clair (Miss Whiplash) was renting Chancellor of the Exchequer Norman Lamont’s basement flat in Notting Hill”

    So he benefited from two income streams from her. Or possibly three.

    And here I have to confess to having met Lindi St Clair. And to have spent some time in her company. Alas this was in the early 80s before she was quite so famous. And at a crowded drinks party. And I neither benefited from nor contributed to her earnings. She did seem enormous fun.

  15. BiS, nice story, must have been interesting, particularly later once she became infamous.

    Looks-wise she was never my type, but to have been the success she was I guess she must have made up for it in person and general oompf.

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