Hmm, yes, well

Over the last 12 years, I fear we have been sleepwalking closer and closer to the F word. I know everyone is scared to say it for fear of sounding over the top or being accused of going too far, but I say this with all sincerity. When I say the F word, I am talking about fascism—fascism wrapped in red, white and blue. You may mock and you may disagree, but fascism does not come in with intentional evil plans or the introduction of leather jackboots. It does not happen like that.

Not wholly sure I’d true the analysis of a nationalist and socialist politician on this. Especially as she – happened – to be wearing a black shirt at the time.

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  1. the SNP MP takes aim at the UK Government over its immigration policy, plans to privatise Channel 4 and failure to tackle the cost-of-living crisis.

    Having laws and borders and not wanting to subsidise Countdown or make an energy crisis worse through punitive taxation is fascism, says lesbo munter.

  2. Steve nails it in inimitable fashion – I find it interesting as well that Black’s self -proclaimed feminist credentials are apparently fine with the notion of Trans men not only being permitted to examine rape victims but also being told to ‘call out’ any woman objecting as ‘needing re-education’…

  3. Yeah… I’m not seeing any red around the incipient fascism I’m encountering, just white and blue. It wasn’t laws made in Westminster that threw people in jail for singing songs, removed the right to free speech in your own home, or tried to put the rights of state officials above those of parents, was it?

  4. “Crivvens!”, said the Scottish electorate. “Fascism’s a bad thing, so I guess we need another referendum!”

  5. the last paragraph of her speech is a massive “oh, really?” when you consider the SNP behaviour in Scotland

    “It happens when we see Governments making decisions based on self-preservation, based on cronyism, based on anything that will keep them in power, when we see the concentration of power while avoiding any of the scrutiny or responsibility that comes with that power. It arrives under the guise of respectability and pride, which will then be refused to anyone who is deemed different. It arrives through the othering of people and the normalisation of human cruelty. I do not know how far down that road we are. Time will tell, but the things we do in the name of economic growth—the warning signs are there for everyone else to see, whether they admit it or not.”

  6. They’re tartan fascists, the SNP. Partly they’re carrying on the abysmal traditions of the Glasgow Labour Party and partly they have built their own.

    It’s a bit like the way Benito moved from a radical Socialist party to add nationalism and end up with his fascism. I’ll say this for his fascism – until late in the day when he fell in love with Hitler there was no anti-semitism in it. I wouldn’t swear that that is true of the SNP.

  7. “I know everyone is scared to say it for fear of sounding over the top or being accused of going too far”

    I’m caught between hysterical laughter and a desire to avoid mocking the delusional. I mean, this is so common it has its own meme.

  8. Theophrastus (2066)

    C4 doesn’t need subsidy, as it makes a profit. The sooner it’s sold off, the better, though.

  9. It’s a bit like the way Benito moved from a radical Socialist party to add nationalism and end up with his fascism. I’ll say this for his fascism – until late in the day when he fell in love with Hitler there was no anti-semitism in it. I wouldn’t swear that that is true of the SNP.

    As you say, the idealogical roots of the SNP are closer to Glasgow Scottish Labour group than they are to William Wallace or any of that manufactured “Scottish Pro Patria” shite that they spew out. Hence, anti-Semitic at heart even if they do coach that in “opposition to the government, not the people of Israel” newspeak.

  10. I remarked to friends some years ago that the precedent for nationalist, socialist parties wasn’t good and I received a lot of grief for it. The SNP aren’t like that apparently.

    Since then even the mainstream media are asking questions about the SNP’s record and the shine is tarnishing somewhat.

  11. But the people overwhelmingly want Tartan Fascism, otherwise they’d have been voted out. The NatSis and their gardening wing got 49% of the vote and 51% of the seats, with a swing *towards* them, it’s clear the Scottish people *want* an overweening government to forcably tell them what to do.

  12. It does raise the question of another referendum on Scots independence.

    This time, to be UK-wide.

    Be amusing when my predicted result of Scotland saying “well, obviously we didn’t mean right now!” and England saying “Fµck off right now, have fun, AMF” comes in…

    Like the more belligerent agitators in Norn Iron, the fantasy that Little England spends its time plotting to cling to outlying territories at all costs with the full focus of the gilded popinjays and murderous assassins of Perfidious Albion, is a cherished, essential delusion to stoke nationalist energies, whether true or not.

    The numbers of us who would be happy to tick “enjoy your independence, kthxbye” might surprise them…

  13. SNP have been the Scottish Nazi Party for decades, they sided with Hitler in WWII and now with Sinn Fein

    Here’s there latest brownshirt policy

    All Scottish pupils could be told to wear identical gender-neutral school uniforms
    The SNP and Greens reveal plans for a national uniform policy, including non-state schools, to cut costs for parents and promote equality in classrooms, the Telegraph reports.
    I somehow don’t expect it will be skirts for all, so the girls lose out again

    Costs? Bollocks. Seeing children, teens returning from comp near me ~90% of girls in short black skirts – for girls uniform is black skirts or trousers. Further, at state schools Uniforms are mostly a school tie and a top with a badge attached plus white shirt and black skirt/trousers – hardly a costly “uniform” requiring £150 grants for ‘the poor’. Blazers etc long gone

    SNP, Left want eveyone in same Mao uniform to abolish choice and enforce conformity

  14. This will be the SNP who were holding cosy meetings with Sinn Fein today. Nasty fuckers, the pair of ‘em.
    On a positive note, Wee Jimmy has covid so it’s not all bad.

  15. Nicola Sturgeon tests positive for Covid-19
    Oh Noes! Our First Minister has the dreaded COVID-19! Let’s hope-and-pray that it doesn’t cause her to stop grandstanding instead of doing the damn job she was elected to do.

    I do hope she takes lots of time off to recover. The Scots (and we dirty foreigners living North of the border) could do with a long, ideally permanent break from her constant carping on about Independence and perfidious Albion that pays for most of the Scottish Government she is enamoured of.

  16. Pcar – By the time I’d kitted my daughter out for the local comprehensive with blazer, kilt, blouses, tie, branded cardigan, branded sports clothes and three pairs of trainers (indoor, astroturf and football boots, all from Sports Direct) I’d spent about £400. We winced. God knows how the less affluent afford it.

  17. Where the means of production remains in private hands, but is directed by the State in the interests of the State, Fascism exists. Karl Marx. (I think)

    Name one Country where that is not the case.

  18. Battery Chicken: The nationalist-and-socialist bit does seem to touch a nerve, doesn’t it? And the independent school I went to used to hold sales of second-hand uniform (and books, ‘cos we had to buy those too) over the summer holidays. I don’t suppose the councils do.

  19. @dearime – I should have been clearer. By branded I mean branded with the school name and badge, as per uniform.
    If I’d have been able to get it from Decathlon I expect it would have been cheaper.
    Anyway, this is moving off topic from the blind eye that the left wing press are turning to the SNP.

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