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How remarkably unobservant Rhiannon is

Turns out breastfeeding really does hurt – why does no one tell you?
Rhiannon Lucy Cosslett

The results of a quick Mr. Google for “does breastfeeding hurt?”

Breastfeeding FAQs: Pain and Discomfort

Problem 1: Breastfeeding hurts!

Why Does Breastfeeding Hurt?

Ouch! How to deal with breastfeeding pain

Bird sits in the middle of the global information revolution and complains that she doesn’t read…..

20 thoughts on “How remarkably unobservant Rhiannon is”

  1. Next month

    “I never realised Farley’s Rusks were so expensive. Why did no one warn me ?”

    Do you think she had a baby just to give herself some copy
    Is the baby a fake, just to give her some copy ?

  2. So she has obviously not attended any NCT classes or any midwife appointments post birth. I think at least one session covers these points. Additionally there are Labour voting ‘Breastfeeding co-ordinators’ in many NHS trusts- indeed it’s one of the positions UKIP were planning to abolish in the ‘Bonfire of the inanities’ (abolition of 2 million public sector roles created under Blair/ Brown to ‘reward’ Labour voters) – quite a few women could see the merit of it but no men thought it was the role of the public sector to encourage.

    She also still looks like an Alien

  3. @Van_Patten: she’s probably attended, but not bothered to listen… it seems to be a pattern with her.

    Anyone remember when journalists like to pretend competence, and not helplessness and ignorance?

  4. @JuliaM Ironically, this could be the first actual Investigative Journalism she has ever done in her life.. Baby Steps… 😉

  5. Does she have no female friends? Or has she discarded those who beat her in the reproductive stakes?

  6. My wife and I were discussing this story yesterday and in particular Ms Coslett’s claim that she was having to put the baby to her breast every 40 minutes. This claim didn’t ring true for either of us. Our son Laughing Boy was on four hourly feeds not a feed every 40 minutes. Now either Ms Coslett has a particularly hungry baby or her baby has had some sort of feeding issue (which can happen occasionally) or she’s being somewhat economical with the truth when it comes to her claim of feeds every 40 minutes. Now all babies just like older humans are different and individual but this feed every forty minutes claim looks a little ‘off’.

    As an aside I agree with Julia M and others on here that Ms Coslett either didn’t attend ante natal classes (we didn’t but then my wife is an information sponge and read everything and anything she could find about pregnancy, birth and dealing with newborns so we were pretty well prepared) or did not listen.

  7. “As an aside I agree with Julia M and others on here that Ms Coslett either didn’t attend ante natal classes or did not listen.”

    Oh, she attended, and listened. All she’s doing in these articles is writing to her audience. They expect to hear tales of the downtrodden woman and how society is against them, so she obliges. It puts artisan bread on her table…….

  8. Dennis, Satan's Editor-In-Chief

    Why believe her?

    My bet is she knew perfectly well it hurt but was stuck for column with a deadline approaching.

  9. @211: the economical explanation is that she thinks four hours is forty minutes. She writes for the Guardian after all.

  10. Does she not have a ‘birthing parent’ she could discuss these things with?

    Do her mother, sister, aunt, uterus-having friends, etc want nothing to do with her?

  11. Perhaps we could rally round for Rhiannon (Cabbage Patch Doll) Cosslett and map out the next couple of years’ articles for her.

    “Baby’s filled their nappy – How come no one told me they make poo-poo?”
    “I haven’t slept for a month – Who knew that babies cry at night?”
    “My baby’s first word was ‘Claret’ – How does he not know that I prefer Merlot?”
    “A good nanny is really hard to find – Why did no one tell me?”

  12. ANNRQ If Cosslett thinks she’s got problems now then I dread to think how she’s going to cope with the weaning stage with its attendant food flinging, the climbing stage, potty training, the ‘must be on reins in case of running off to explore’ stage or the telling child that ‘no you can’t eat the Moon’ and to ‘not bark like a dog at the chickens’ stage. I also dread to think how Ms Cosslett is going to cope with the seemingly eternal ‘why’ questions stage or the stage where child goes to school and picks up bad habits or nits from the other children.

    I’m extremely surprised that nobody told Ms Cosslett about basic stuff such as nipples can hurt when babies suckle on them.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    And we’ve got the teenage years to look forward to …. ‘sigh’, or will she have been replaced by a younger version rehashing the same stories on female angst by then?

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