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Isn’t this a grand reversal?

Women who suffer from severe period pain will be allowed to take leave from work for up to three days each month under a reform plan due to be approved by Spain’s government next week.

The draft reform, revealed by the Cadena Ser radio station, will make Spain the first Western country to offer the right to menstrual leave, under which women would be guaranteed time off during their periods.

Wimmins spent 50 years shouting that sure, female bodies, menstruation, cramps, all that, and bugger it. Simple biology should not mean economic oppression.

Now the argument is poor little frail things we need special treatment.

And isn’t that just going to blow out the gender pay gap? If a bird can gain 3 days off every 20 working days and a bloke can’t then just what does anyone think happens to wages? For 15% is a substantial percentage, no?

12 thoughts on “Isn’t this a grand reversal?”

  1. Will a medical certicate be required or will HR have to start tracking their employees cycles? It’s going to be fun when arranging meetings. “Next Tuesday ok with everyone?” “I’m not sure, I’ll be on the rag.”

  2. My guess is that the 3-day absences will not happen over a weekend. And will be just before or after a scheduled vacation.

  3. Oh Tim, you’re behind the times. What about the other genders identifying as wimmins? As ‘birthing people’ is now apparently acceptable it follows that all menstruating genders must be allowed time off too.

  4. And it will be extended to all women, even those after the menopause, so as not to be discriminatory. Men, on the other hand, can fuck off and keep working.

  5. You’ve got a good point Will. How many blokes’ll identify as wimmin, and turn up in lipstick and dresses. After all, as Jim says, it’d be discriminatory to deny ‘women’ their time off just because they’re not menstruating.

    At least this’ll mean the companies concerned can preen themselves for their enlightened attitude.

  6. Asking, assuming, or mentioning that as a reason for absence would, of course, get men into big HR trouble very fast indeed. So women availing themselves of this right will simply disappear and appear according to some secret code or unspoken understanding among themselves. It will be like secondary school all over again, where teenage girls suddenly get up and have whispered conversations with a female teacher and go off with them to some mysterious place, and are excused certain activities like P.E. while the boys silently wonder.

  7. Hmm, will this actually stand up if the ECJ get involved? It’ll be Sheila’s Wheels all over again.

  8. “A recent study in Spain shows that 100% of working women suffer from menstrual cramps.”
    “A recent study in Spain shows that every public funded organisation experiences a shortfall in expected output.”

  9. “A recent study in Spain shows that 100% of working women suffer from menstrual cramps.”

    Particularly post-menopause working women.

  10. “Women are not the weaker sex”

    “We can do anything men can do”

    “The only thing limiting us is the patriarchy”

    “I’m a strong, independent woman”

    You can either act like these things are true, or you can expect to be treated differently in certain situations. You can’t do both.

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