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Isn’t this lovely?

The House of Lords could shortly welcome its first trans peer and only female hereditary member.

Matilda Simon was this week given permission to contest the next by-election for one of the upper chamber’s remaining 92 hereditary seats.

If she wins, she will doubtless become the envy of peers’ daughters across the country, because the vast majority of titles may only be passed to a male heir.

Absolutely and completely a woman in every way and sense – disregarding primogeniture because that would be inconvenient.

Which is rather female, really, isn’t it?

The Gender Recognition Act 2014 includes a provision stating that a person changing gender “does not affect the descent of any peerage or dignity or title of honour”.

8 thoughts on “Isn’t this lovely?”

  1. Perhaps his—-oops it’s sister should challenge it to a duel. After all, I understand duels between women are permitted.

  2. By-election is a word which does not mean what you think it means as only hereditary peers are allowed to vote “Dunny-on-the-Wold” style.

  3. “The House of Lords could shortly welcome its first trans peer and only female hereditary member.”

    Does this female member have a male member?

  4. To be fair.. it’s an accident of birth
    What happens after is… of little relevance, as long as the Boat Isn’t Rocked… and at best (s)he is in the more pronounced bracket of excentricity when it comes to the Peerage.

    I’m sure there’ve been bigger flakes in the Lords…

  5. Talk about having your cake and eating it. Surely if His Ladyship is genuinely convinced he’s a woman, she’d renounce his peerage since clearly she has no right to it. Unless, of course, the trans lobby are perfectly happy with the Act saying, in effect, “Okay, we’ll pretend you’re a bird. But you aren’t really, you know.” I mean, that’s the sort of thing that gets you banned from Twitter.

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