It might not be JKR who is wrong here

Stella Creasy: ‘JK Rowling is wrong – a woman can have a penis’

You know, just possibly?

19 thoughts on “It might not be JKR who is wrong here”

  1. Yes, I believe the correct spell is to swish your wand and clearly say the word “Encockify”.

  2. Don’t see the issue. They’ve had them in Thailand and Brazil for years. Come on Britain, catch up !

  3. “We are here to talk about a horrific experience when she was threatened with gang rape at university ”
    “she said she found herself cornered in a room where she had been playing pool with a group of lads, only for one to joke about gang raping her.”
    So no, she was never threatened with being gang raped. In fact, not knowing the precise wording of the joke, maybe it’s only her own interpretation.
    Doesn’t seem to live in a world bears any resemblance to reality. But she’s an MP, so you wouldn’t expect her to.

  4. Steve across the Pond

    In the states, back in the W. Bush years, the left proudly called themselves the reality-based community. Now, a couple decades later, they deny scientific, biological reality in favor of absurdity. And more fools endorse the absurdity because they’re afraid of being called haters for acknowledging reality. It’s amazing how many so-called feminists side with biological males over biological females. They think men are better women than women.

  5. If a flab of meat that resembles a shape of a penis is surgically attached to a woman can that protruding thingy be called a penis? Say, if I have my big toe surgically attached next to my little finger then I would absolutely have six thingies protruding from my hand – but I would still have only five fingers in a company of one big toe. Toe does not become a finger and a flab of meat does not become a penis.

    Go on, burn me at the stake for these highly controversial opinions, send the plod over to check my thinking.

  6. It’s one thing to be thought a fool. It’s quite another to open your mouth and confirm it.

    Talking of fools, I just watched BoJo say Vlad might like to leave Ukraine “now that the de-nazification of Ukraine has taken place”, thus confirming it was full of nazi’s.

  7. @ Adolff
    Yes, it was when your wehrmacht liberated it from Stalin, to the relief of the Ukrainians mourning the holodomor, until 1945

  8. Left-pond Steve: this is a thing in all sorts of areas. It’s as if there’s this strange competition going on to better the White Queen’s score of 6 impossible things before breakfast. But in this case it’s “how many impossible things can we force on society to completely destroy Western civilization”. The wonder to me is that so many people who should know better are actually conniving in the pretence.

  9. Bloke in North Dorset

    Stop the world I want to get off.

    On second thoughts, stop the world, I want to throw the nutters off.

  10. ‘ – – a woman can have a penis…’

    So can a horse, so does that make a horse a woman, or a woman a horse? Clarification please.

  11. I can’t beat this comment by “FreezerHammer”, under the Daily Mail’s story:

    I hope my wife never comes home with a penis. She’d probably get one bigger than mine too, just to annoy me.

  12. Maybe we could usefully engage our political classes in researching this claim? A variation in taking the piss!

  13. The logic unto Creasy. If a man self-identifies as a woman, and we accept this makes him a woman, then a man can have a penis. I think the point JKR is making is that we don’t accept that this makes him a woman.
    Being of a certain age, I have to say that Jehovah’s witnesses were much less fun to wind up.

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