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It’s amazing how ignorant some twats are, really

Just look at BP’s huge Clair oilfield, off the coast of Shetland (near the site of Shell’s Cambo field). BP wants to invest in extending this field – by seeking approval for its Clair South project – but the oil it contains is unlikely to end up in Britain: as noted, the UK exports most of its oil.

Last week, the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, was full of praise for BP’s plans to extend another, smaller field, Murlach, tweeting: “I’d much rather we source more of our gas domestically.” But we have calculated that the majority – 80% – of Murlach’s small reserves are, again, oil, most probably for export, with a relatively small amount of gas. Most of what’s left in the North Sea is oil. These developments aren’t about providing UK energy security, they’re simply business for oil and gas companies.

And the British government gains vast amounts of tax revenue – as they should, resource rents and all that – from selling British sourced oil to foreigners.

Which parts of government spending should be cut to make up for this loss of revenue?

31 thoughts on “It’s amazing how ignorant some twats are, really”

  1. Not remotely amazing – it’s the Guardian. Its own business expertise is restricted largely to tax-dodging at which it has proved pretty adroit over the years (as I first learnt here).

    By the way did you see that its previous Head Oik – Rusbridger – has got into a little trouble about how he handled claims of sexual misbehaviour during his subsequent spell as Head of an Oxford College? I suppose the lesson is that as editor of a national rag you can hush things up more easily than as a former editor.

  2. “Which parts of government spending should be cut…?”

    Don’t be silly. Government spending is never cut. When cuts are announced, they are cuts in expected increases. E.g. “The NHS will receive only £10 squillion extra instead of the £20 squillion it was expecting”, that sort of thing.

    They’ll just tax the rich to make up for it. 😉

  3. Shock horror, the majority of oysters we “mine” are also exported. The majority of the milk my milkman collects from his coos is sold to other people. It’s as though they don’t understand the fundamentaL concept of trade.

  4. Sigh

    It was explained in the 1970s when we first started pumping the black gold ( gold of colour). Brent Light Crude or whatever it is down there is too good to turn into fuel. It has to be used for lubricants and similar stuff. We were self sufficient because our exports matched our imports.

    Anyone who watched Nationwide would have known this, they explained it often enough.

  5. The oil in Clair is very heavy 22deg API or so – which UK refinery does Ms Khan suggest be converted to take it as feedstock, because none of them can right now

  6. If embargos, sanctions, blockades and other nonsense flourishes, it would be far cheaper and more sensible to convert a UK refinery to refine UK produced oil instead of fighting yet another war in the Middle East or some other foreign shithole.

  7. True Boges, but that assumes that we will be in another U boat war or that we have annoyed Canada ( for instance) enough for them not to flog us their oil.

  8. Oil is a global commodity, if we produce more of it, that will reduce the price even if we ship it somewhere else. The lefties trot this out as an argument against drilling anywhere it makes sense to ship it outside the U.S., like Alaska. Not to mention the high paying jobs and tax revenue.

  9. True Otto. However the anti-fracking religion may well spread to Canada. And I understand that the Alberta tar sands are despised by the woke.

    Though I’d have to agree that the U boats’d make a fine mess of the oil platforms in the North Sea.

  10. @Otto Can’t say that I have. Then again, I’m not high enough up the russian food chain ( or any, for that matter..) to be privvy to sneak peaks of their military’s latest and greatest, soooo..

  11. It’s pretty funny.

    The Russki TV equivalent of Newsnight has developed an unhealthy obsession with nuking the UK and a few days ago was touting some super gigamegaton doomsday torpedo that when exploded off of the coast of Scotland would cause a tidal wave that would swamp all of Britain. Except perhaps the Post Office Tower.

  12. And shortly after that, 16 Tridents would be MIRVing over Russia & 128 fireballs rising over cities.

  13. Bloke in North Dorset

    “ The Russki TV equivalent of Newsnight has developed an unhealthy obsession with nuking the UK ”

    Are they the ones that are calling for a levée en masse because their special operation designed to topple Ukraine in 3 days is going so well?

    “ Meanwhile on Russian state TV, military experts are concerned that Russia’s current economy is unfit to meet the needs of its Armed Forces. One expert advocated the urgent need to move on to “military socialism” and a “wartime economy,” with government in charge of everything.”

  14. @ Ottokring
    Brent Light would be used for petrol or chemical feedstock – it’s the heavy fractions that are used for lubricants. But the basis of your argument is sound: oil fields are not completely fungible.

  15. …or that we have annoyed Canada ( for instance) enough for them not to flog us their oil.
    Or the Dauphin has achieved his goal of shutting down a successful industry, and Canada has no oil to flog. Probably more likely.

  16. John77

    Thanks. I spotted the comment about the heavy unfractionable oil earlier.
    I did actually know a lot of this subject once but have long since forgotten it all.
    Nowadays my only concern about oil is its absence on supermarket shelves.

  17. @Ottokring

    The chattering classes in Ireland are up in arms that the Russian Tsunami Torpedo simulation also flooded Ireland, without mentioning it as a separate country.

  18. Mr Scot: Shetland would probably want to stay with the UK if Nicola ever got her way. The current shambles must look as bad from Lerwick as it does from here in England.

  19. Tractor Gent. You are an imperialist English nationalist who wants to steal other countries land. You look on Scotland the way Putin looks at Ukraine. You are an utter disgrace. Grow up.
    Shetland is proudly Scottish and always will be.

  20. Scottish… I am a highlander and the bunch of lowlanders in power are no better than a sassenach. As to those that live further north than us highlanders they consider us all to be southerners. You should really meet some Orkney islanders and Shetland Islanders they have strong views about the Scots nasty (nazi) party.

  21. TM

    The Scots sound a bit like the Eyeties. 🙂 All about relative latitude (as to which regions further south one regards as Africa or not)…

  22. Well, I don’t often get called an utter disgrace, but in this instance it does tend to arouse my inner Edward I…

  23. Claymooores!!! Get’cher claymores heeeaarr!! Fresh offa shelf!! ‘Ardly used!!
    Soss’innabun to go while you wait!! 😉

  24. Tom MacPherson – You are a traitor to Scotland. Tribalism has divided Scotland for years. Shetlanders and Orkney people are proud Scottish people. The Highlanders are proud to be Scottish also. Stop trying to divide Scotland. That is what Putin did to Ukraine.

    Tractor Gent You are no gent. You are a brute who insults Scotland.

    Grikath I am glad to see you obviously drink Scotch whisky.

  25. @ Scottish
    When my wife and I visited Orkney, we discovered that many Orcadians have responded to SNP propaganda by emphasising their Norwegian heritage.
    Proud? Yes. Proud to be Scottish? – not when I was listening.

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