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Lordy be, again?

The United Nations’ Aids agency has called some reporting on the monkeypox virus racist and homophobic, warning of exacerbating stigma and undermining the response to the growing outbreak.

UNAIDS said “a significant proportion” of recent monkeypox cases have been identified among gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men.

But transmission was most likely via close physical contact with a monkeypox sufferer and could affect anyone, it added, saying some portrayals of Africans and LGBTI people “reinforce homophobic and racist stereotypes and exacerbate stigma”.

We seem to be re-running HIV here. A disease of promiscuity more than anything else. Where promiscuity is different in different sections of the population it’s actually right, not wrong, to note that in the spread of a disease of promiscuity.

33 thoughts on “Lordy be, again?”

  1. “But transmission was most likely via close physical contact with a monkeypox sufferer and could affect anyone,”

    Sure, sure. That’s why it’s cutting swathes through our pre-school population. Now zip yourself up, Eugene, and step away from that monkey.

  2. Allthegoodnamesaretaken

    JuliaM: the “you’re not gay if you can laugh about it with your mates afterwards in the pub” brigade.

  3. Julia

    It’s a combination of the 73 fictitious genders and the various differently labelled sexual deviants -the speaker is hedging his/ here bets- doesn’t want to be labelled a ‘transphobe’../

  4. Since it’s endemic in Africa, naturally Africans are regarded with suspicion. Since it has been spread by the gay brigade, naturally poofters are regarded with suspicion.

    But since it’s a relative of smallpox, it can be dealt with the same way that finished off smallpox. Round up all suspected contacts and vaccinate them, if necessary at gunpoint.

    One can imagine the outrage if this was attempted. But if they rounded up all non-gay non-Africans like me and jabbed us at gunpoint, the applause would be deafening.

  5. <b“Stigma and blame undermine trust and capacity to respond effectively during outbreaks like this one,” said the UNAIDS deputy executive director, Matthew Kavanagh.

    Good job no-one was stigmatised or blamed (cough – non-mask-wearers, the unvaccinated) during the recent Covid-19 global outbreak eh?

  6. “men who have sex with men”: that sounds terribly old fashioned.

    Shouldn’t it be something like Persons of Poofiness?

  7. @boganboy

    I’m temperamentally against rounding anyone up and vaccinating them at gunpoint.

  8. “A disease of promiscuity more than anything else”

    My doctor friend mentioned that there are differences how porous and fragile different mucous membranes are, depending on which part of the body they are found in, and that this can affect disease transmission.

    In other words it might not just be quantity of close contact but exactly what you contact closely.

    When looking at a large population, large and obvious patterns will emerge as a result of small differences in probabilities (compounded over time) that come about from different behaviours. Nevertheless individuals should be wary of what advice they draw from this because you are not the big picture, you are you.

  9. vaccinate them, if necessary at gunpoint.

    One can imagine the outrage if this was attempted.

    That’s very close to what the “adminstration” is trying in Hong Kong

    What’s the I for?

  10. ‘… via close physical contact with a monkeypox sufferer and could affect anyone…’

    Close physical contact with body fluids. That does not affect anyone, just those who are in contact with body fluids of an infected person.


    “But since it’s a relative of smallpox, it can be dealt with the same way that finished off smallpox.”

    No it cannot. Smallpox has no natural reservoir outside Humans, so when it was eliminated from last Human hosts it could not be reintroduced to Humans. Monkeypox (clue in name) has a natural reservoir outside Humans so cannot be eliminated from Humans or animals.

    It is one reason among many why ‘flu and CoVid and adenovirus so-called vaccines do not/cannot be effective.

  11. DocPaz: “In other words it might not just be quantity of close contact but exactly what you contact closely.”

    Yes… And the mucous membrane of the anal cavity is notorious for being very fragile and porous, to the point of allowing blood-blood contact if handled too roughly.
    In fact, it’s the reason why we use the place for suppositories as an effective way to administer medicine…

    Let it also be noted that the medical reports so far state that a “remarkable” amount of primary rash in cases is found around the genitals and anus.

    But yeah… Actually stating it’s the promiscuous poofter section that is at most risk and is the greatest spreader would be “stigmatising” and anti-Rainbow.
    Stating that, given how and how fast the disease is spreading, the fuckers literally learned nothing from the whole HIV thing is, of course, a no-no.

    The problem in the spread here is exactly the promiscuity. The method-of-risk is pretty clear…

  12. @Asiaseen the “I” stands for “Intersex”.
    Which used to be a purely medical term describing some rare unfortunates, but has been co-opted by the Rainbow Squad to encompass and abbreviate the million-gender delusion.

  13. Asiaseen

    To supplement the excellent Grikath – I is Intersex. Used to be called Hermaphrodites. Not sure why that term was dropped – could have been because it uses a DWEM (Dead White European Male) derivation – who knows with these people?

    As he also points out the militant LGBTers have a whole raft of other initials. Each new initial means the potential for more funding, more litigation and more grievance mongering.

  14. Fauci will no doubt declare that you can catch the pox around the family dinner table, as he did with AIDS.
    Then it will take him a year to notice that… er…
    By then we’ll all have died of ignorance, because we are BIGOTS.

  15. @ Grikrath & VP
    Thanks. My guess was “inclusive” – more or less that same thing but would presumably cover the straights among us.

  16. Interested. I must agree. I wouldn’t like to be vaccinated at gunpoint either.

    John B. Whoops. I was thinking of eliminating it in those places that they’re making such a fuss about. I agree they can’t eliminate it in Africa.

    But that does suggest an entertaining possibility. A large variety of animals can carry cowpox. One does wonder if monkey pox can similarly infect them. Well, no doubt we’ll find out.

    After all, when the black death was introduced to the US, it infected the local fauna. And it’s still around.

  17. Van_Patten

    “To supplement the excellent Grikath – I is Intersex”

    And West Indian too, by the sound of it…

  18. @dearieme

    MSM is the term usually used in epidemiology of STDs because transmission networks look different depending on who is having sex with whom, but you don’t necessarily care about the self-defined sexuality or gender role. It’s more boringly biological, and less dependent on the cultural factors that vary by time and place.

    A good example of MSM who don’t define as as gay or bisexual in the West would be “rough trade” sex workers, but also consider cases like ritual male-on-male sexual activity in certain Pacific tribes, particularly before Christianisation, where transfer of semen was seen as passing certain powers from elders to initiates. That kind of activity lies completely outside the modern Western LGBTQ+ framework but MSM is still a useful descriptor in terms of the sexual network.

  19. Everyone from Madonna to fucking Jackie Chan was telling people to wear a condom in the 90s. They knew.

  20. The solution is evident. Instead of multi-person sexual activity we must resort to solo methods of reaching orgasm. Only in this way can we spank the monkeypox.

  21. “ Everyone from Madonna to fucking Jackie Chan was telling people to wear a condom in the 90s”

    I did see an article recently about how effective HIV treatment was now and buried in there was a reference to a study which showed a large increase in unprotected sex amongst gay men which the writer suggested was due to a younger generation not having the fear of AIDS that the older generation had. As to whether this was due confidence in the treatments or lack of education/awareness is another issue.

  22. Asianseen: “+” is the inclusion initialism, meaning “and everybody else”, which then results in the spaghetti becoming the universal set, so just becomes “people”.

  23. @ BniC

    I live in an area of NYC that has a lot of gay men (what can I say, they have good restaurants here). I’ve also had a number of gay roommates over the years, though not anymore. You’ll often see an HIV testing van parked out in front of the gay bars, with people handing out free condoms. Hmm, why do I never see that in front of my bars…?

    There’s also a phenomenon in the gay community called “bug chasing,” where gay men purposely catch HIV so they no longer have to be worried waiting for test results.

    Yes, there’s less of a risk involved nowadays, but you cannot overestimate the party culture with this group. The clubs are packed even on a Tuesday night. And they’re willing to take a pill for the rest of their life if it means they can have more sex with more random guys. Most are just glad they can’t get anyone pregnant.

  24. “LGBTI
    What’s the I for?”

    I saw a reference today to Persons of Alphabet.

    “MSM is the term usually used in epidemiology”: why? Didn’t “homosexual” do the job?

  25. ” but would presumably cover the straights among us.”

    In your dreams… We’re the 95-98% of people that fuel their persecution syndrome.
    Why on earth would they ever include us?… That’d invalidate their meal ticket..

  26. Please don’t warn certain sectors of the population — who could be your own children for example — that they are at elevated risk.

  27. @dearieme

    No, because in epidemiology you only care who is having sex with whom. You don’t care about how it fits into the social/cultural definitions that vary so much by country, or on people’s self-defined sexuality. “Men who have sex with men” do exactly what it says on the tin. There are lots of environments like sex work, all-male prison populations or armed forces, places where tribal sexual initiation rites take place, etc, where men who wouldn’t define themselves as homosexual will have sex with men.

    See also PWIDs, Persons Who Inject Drugs. No judgment, no assumptions about why they are doing it (some may not be “drug addicts”, and the point here – if you’ll excuse the pun – is the injection not the addiction). Just a neutral description of the people who are engaging in the activity of epidemiological interest.

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