Ms. Patel has some work to do perhaps?

Afghan asylum seeker had been deported twice before Regent Street hammer rampage
Attacker jailed after he targeted women at random as he made his way along London shopping street before walking into pub and ordering pint

Presumably, now he’s a nutter, he gets to stay for treatment?

Well, given that he’s just got an 18 year sentence, yes……

4 thoughts on “Ms. Patel has some work to do perhaps?”

  1. “…just got an 18 year sentence…” , which means he’ll be out in 9 years after having his sentence reduced by half for ‘good behaviour’ as soon as the prison van drove through the gates. Then the UK taxpayer will continue to fund this waste of oxygen for the rest of his poxy life. Shame that, as he is an Afghan citizen, we can’t arrange for him to serve his sentence there.

  2. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    Coming back afer 2 deportations shows quite some persistence. Perhaps a universally applied “third time lucky” policy would be acceptable?

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