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No fracking in sight

Shropshire earthquake: ‘Frightening’ tremor rocks homes from side to side
The 3.8 magnitude tremor – the biggest to affect Britain since June 2018 – was described by residents as ‘surreal’

Well, unless Cuadrilla is running stuff in secret that is…..

7 thoughts on “No fracking in sight”

  1. It might be frightening to UK people who have hardly felt any earthquakes. But I’m surprised anyone actually felt it, let alone say that their homes were shaking. A 3.8 would make more of a noise than actually be felt unless the person was right over the epicentre.

  2. Those canny Salopians are probably tunnelling under Cheshire to get at those sweet, sweet (lol) salt reserves…

  3. We had a 4.6 two kilometres from here, not so long ago. Went completely without notice apart from 2 column inches in the chip wrapper.

  4. Only earthquake I remember was many, many years ago. I was in Sydney, the epicentre was in Newcastle.

    Just a noise. But since my very young nephew was in the house, I thought I’d better pay attention.

  5. I had a 3.something wake me up in San Diego once. The bed was really shaking. Another time I felt a tremor in Italy before we got up in the morning & it rattled the window but none of the family noticed. That was a 2.something a few km away when I looked it up. To feel the small ones you probably need to be lying down or sitting.

  6. MSM search for anyone who will support, or be cajoled to support, their Emotion led fear agenda on everything

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