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Not, exactly, the greatest current worry

John Kerry warns a long Ukraine war would threaten climate efforts
Exclusive: US presidential envoy says limiting global heating to 1.5C could be made harder by conflict

You know, discount rates and all that.

People seem to think that not being crushed by a tank/crushing people with a tank are rather more immediate problems than whether Flipper breaks out in a sweat in 78 years’ time……

14 thoughts on “Not, exactly, the greatest current worry”

  1. Surely the UK could do our bit by developing a low-emissions NLAW? And luckily most Russian tanks don’t contribute much atmospheric pollution as they don’t have much fuel in them when they explode.

  2. This war has already gone on twice as long as the US participation in WWII. And there’s been a threatened lack of action on climate change in that time according to Kerry. What on earth is he talking about?

    He’s a reasonable shot. He should get himself over there if he wants to help. Lie low in a Sievierodonetsk flat until the town is over-run then shoot a couple of invaders.

  3. Kerry was speaking in London. Glenn Campbell who was interviewing included this in the introduction to the podcast. “He’s shuttling around the planet trying to persuade governments to do more”. Kerry sounds like Emma Thompson on steroids.

  4. Perhaps the worry of global warming from military operations was the reason that Kerry managed to excuse himself from being drafted during the Vietnam War? Certainly couldn’t be cowardice, could it?

  5. “…Kerry sounds like Emma Thompson on steroids….”

    I reckon he looks like Emma Thompson on steroids…


  6. @Sam Vara
    The US replaced their standard hand grenades because there was a bit of asbestos in the detonator. Doing our bit for environment.

  7. @Penseivat, according to the John Kerry wiki, “From 1968 to 1969, during the Vietnam War, Kerry served an abbreviated four-month tour of duty in South Vietnam. While commanding a Swift boat, he sustained three wounds in combat with the Viet Cong, for which he earned three Purple Heart Medals. Kerry was awarded the Silver Star Medal and the Bronze Star Medal for valorous conduct in separate military engagements.” At one stage he was very popular with Vietnam vets for taking their side against government.

  8. So… How much did the IraQuwaitGhanistanIa mess “we” were definitely involved in until “we”turned tail and ran contribute to Worbal Gloaming?
    After all, that’s a good three decades of Prolongued Pewpew in what’s considered “A Critical Time For the Planet” by the EcoFreaks?

    I do believe Kerry was heavily involved in that as well at some stage…

  9. “It is never difficult to distinguish between John Kerry making a statement on climate change and a ray of sunshine.”

    John Kerry walks into a bar. Barman asks -” why the long face”?
    Choose your own punchline

  10. I keep on expecting Kerry to speak with a Leeds accent, because he looks like one of the masks in Bo’Selecta.

    ( I originally typed Bi’Selecta – which actually sounds like a good idea for a Channel4 late night game show).

  11. “People seem to think that not being crushed by a tank/crushing people with a tank are rather more immediate problems than whether Flipper breaks out in a sweat in 78 years’ time……”

    It’s a mistake to underestimate the number of people who think that other people getting crushed by a tank is a small price to pay for Flipper’s comfort in 78 years time.

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