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Scottish Water is worse that English water

Or, to be entirely fair, it way well be:

Raw sewage ‘pumped into English bathing waters 25,000 times in 2021’
Liberal Democrats condemn ‘environment scandal’ as party releases figures compiled from Environment Agency data

Private companies, capitalists and all that.

“Some 80 per cent of sewage overflows are monitored south of the border… In Scotland just 10 per cent are monitored by Scottish Water,”

Oh. So we don’t actually know how bad the state owned Scottish Water is then?

7 thoughts on “Scottish Water is worse that English water”

  1. Shows the folly of measuring things. But of course they need something to provide the excuse to do what they intend to do anyway.

  2. Anyone who’s had even the most tangential dealings with the Scottish People’s Soviet for Water has a pretty good idea of how bad it is.

  3. What do you expect if the regulator owns the offending business?
    I should be surprised if the so-called 10% actually was 10% and not somewhere nearer 5%.
    Secondly I doubt that it was raw sewage in a majority of the 25,000 incidents – most releases occur when storm drains are overwhelmed by torrential rain and the discharges are run-off from that.

  4. Further thought – by far the worst offender is the “not-for-profit” Dwr Cymru Welsh Water owned by Glas Cyumru, a company set up “for the public benefit”. Just how the public benefits from pollution six times as bad (five times worse) than England’s private sector companies only the Grauniad knows.

  5. I’d guess there is a lot less sewage release into rivers in Scotland for a simple reason:

    All the large conurbations are on the coast:
    Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Falkirk, Glasgow, Inverness, Oban, St Andrews

    Also Scotlamd is narrow, nowhere is far from sea

  6. Carl Pierce of Wales

    Scotland has every right to keep water in public hands. Scottish water is a natural resource for the Scottish people. and should stay so. Scotland can make money from it, and use it as a resource.

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