Seems fair

A “reckless” doctor who wrongly prescribed puberty blockers to a transgender nine-year-old child after a ten minute chat on Skype has been struck off.


The tribunal found he had acted “outside the limits of his expertise” as a consultant gastroenterologist,

10 thoughts on “Seems fair”

  1. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    Logic suggests that no individual can give informed consent to a puberty blocker, if indeed these drugs do what it says in the tin.

  2. …as a consultant gastroenterologist,

    I thought that would be the ideal sort of doctor to figure out what to do when it comes to things that are hard to swallow.

    .. ah, my coat you say? It’s the stripey grey one with the ‘I only play one on the internet’ badge on the front.

  3. ‘Struck off? He should have been strung up!’

    I think your approach is the correct one here Julia!!!

  4. How did a consultant gastroenterologist even get into the position of discussing gender with a nine year old?

    “My tummy hurts!”

    “You must be suffering from gender dysphoria. Have some of these.”

  5. I can’t stomach stories like these. And I sure as hell don’t want to see a doctor for that now.

  6. It begs the question: Is it possible that a doctor approving gender reassignment to a nine year old is acting “within” the limits of “his” expertise, no matter how distinguished He is?

  7. Worth pointing out supplying a class A drug to a minor that age would likely harvest you several years at HM’s pleasure. I’d say it would be arguable which one might have the worst adverse effects

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