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Slightly different statements

Russia-Ukraine latest news: More than 100m people forcibly displaced from their homes

Eh? The majority of the population of the two countries is on the move, forcibly?

The war in Ukraine has pushed the number of forcibly displaced people around the world above 100 million for the first time, the United Nations said on Monday.


4 thoughts on “Slightly different statements”

  1. As always Sam, this reminds me of my trip through the wall to East Berlin.

    When I was thinking that non-Western countries have trouble with all the people who want to get out. And we have trouble with all the people who want to get in.

  2. Sure, 8 or 10 million from Ukraine and surrounds and about 90 million waiting to jump the US-Mexican border on Joe Biden’s signal.

  3. “Russia-Ukraine latest news”

    Russia is mopping up and consolidating, doing *exactly* as expected, and……
    It’s funny how the Daily Headlines disappear when a war gets Boring…..

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