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The Telegraph is going Yankee – Septic – on us

Scotland’s murder rate is the lowest in 40 years – and this is why

Women piled on more weight than men during lockdown – here’s why

“Explain” “Why” “the reason” ……very American headline writing. Places like Salon, Buzzfeed, Vox, worked out that using those words got people to click through.

Of course, they worked this out 5 years back, now use it less – which is when the Telegraph picks it up.


3 thoughts on “The Telegraph is going Yankee – Septic – on us”

  1. An example headline in the Telegraph to which we already know the answer :

    The sinking of HMS Sheffield: Did the French protect their arms industry, regardless of the cost to an ally?

  2. Dunno… Have they started using the “Lifehack” abomination?

    If so, the only solution is Napalm and Thermite…

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