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These world music things are normally awful

Lots of musicians around the world play solo and then it’s mashed together to make a video.

This one though, this is better than the original

13 thoughts on “These world music things are normally awful”

  1. My point, actually, is that I think it’s better than the original Doobie Brothers version…..

  2. My point, actually, is that I think it’s better than the original Doobie Brothers version…

    Which doesn’t speak much for the original

  3. Excellent indeed.

    Also, I’ve ordered some stuff from Sweetwater Music (one of their sponsors), and FYI they include a small bag of candy with your shipment. For any of the musicians out there.

    Jeff “Skunk” Baxter, one of the original members now doubles as a missile defense expert:

  4. As a technician, yes, very good – and I’ve attempted to produce these types of mash ups with varying degrees of success.

    As a musician, nothing to see here. One of the things I love about music (and a good reason why I encourage my kids into playing) is you can sit in a rehearsal room anywhere in the world and instantly have a connection with those around you. Conversation about music is possible without ever speaking a word in the same language; the emotion and passion transcends the spoken tongue, culture and politics. Truly an amazing human achievement.

    Not so keen on the obvious virtue signalling in this video, but seems to be unavoidable these days.

  5. Leonid & Friends being a great example of terrific music made by musicians who meet very seldom.

    In the normal recording process each artist performs separately. This was pioneered by one man band multi-instrumentalists like Mike Oldfield and trios like Matt Bianco. The drummer puts down a click track. A week later the bass guitarist walks in and plays some notes. Ditto keyboards. One guitarist plays lead, rhythm and fill-in guitar. The drummer comes back and does it once more with feeling. The vocalist who lives on another continent does her own backup harmonies. To give it some zing the producer gets the tea lady to add a scream, and the wannabe rock star janitor adds a couple of riffs. Why is this a good thing, because as soon as the average muso can afford it she or he goes down the illegal substances route, and getting three, four or more of them in the studio at the same time is something that would have trepidated (I know there isn’t such a word but there should be) Il Duce.

  6. PS all the sound in the video was made in studio not on location. The musos are lip-synching or finger-synching if you want to be fussy.

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