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They’re trying again

If the frog avoids being boiled then create another pot of water:

Britain could be offered a closer relationship with Brussels as part of a new EU-dominated organisation, Emmanuel Macron said on Monday, as he called for drastic reform of the bloc.

The French President advocated a “new European political community” allowing countries such as the UK and Ukraine the chance to choose their level of integration with Brussels.

Then continue the process of concentrating all the power – over everything, including the size of vacuum cleaner motors – at that centre.

The correct answer to this being “Fuck off, Matey”.

17 thoughts on “They’re trying again”

  1. Don’t you already have EFTA and the Council of Europe? Just what we need – another bureaucratic boondoggle. They won’t let up unfortunately

  2. Britain is already founder member of a new european group, ‘splitters’. I expect more members in the future.

  3. Cheering on the Ukrainians and holidaying in the South of France is about as much “Europe” as we can manage at the moment.

    As for grand European projects, haven’t we all (Europeans included) been punished enough with the various European boondoggles? We’re still struggling to free the Norns from the bureaucracy stranglehold of having the temerity to share an island with another EU member.

    A period of “Less Europe” and the repeal of all the unwanted baggage on the statute books is definitely required. Get back to us in about 400 years or so.

  4. Ditch Boris, propose a not-quite-membership deal and try again. With Lord Adonis as PM, as long as we’re allowed our own politicians that is. Don’t think the remainers have accepted defeat.

  5. allowing countries such as the UK and Ukraine the chance to choose their level of integration with Brussels.

    Ukraine is already highly integrated with the EU, about 5 million of them now live there. More are coming every day.

    Metro summed up the priorities of the Europhilic urban bugperson class in an article the other day:

    Ukrainian refugees unable to access abortion in Poland

    Not only have those bastard Poles opened up their country to 3 million Ukrainian refugees so far, but they also expect them to obey laws and not kill babies.

    Thank Moloch there’s a ‘charity’ called “Abortion Without Borders” which is stepping up to give people food and shelterhelp fight the scourge of Ukranian children.

    Regarding the grannyfucking midget, Paris would be greatly improved by Le Bombe d’Atomique du Surprise so I suggest we send him one via Aeropostale marked “As per my previous email…”

  6. “… allowing countries such as the UK and Ukraine the chance to choose their level of integration with Brussels.”

    We already did.

    If this was between individuals, they’d be looking at the business end of a restraining order by now. “Okay, okay… how about I only come around twice a week and rake through your bins?”

  7. A “new European political community” . Differing how from the “old European political community” ?
    Sounds like a respray & swap the number plates job to me.

  8. Steve

    I am thinking of creating another spoof Twitter account to follow Murphy/ Owen Jones with this handle:

    Europhilic urban bugperson class

    Sheer genius – as I often say – but the remainder of the comment is spot on. Apparently these people ‘are only here for the short term’ – I’m sure none of them will disappear off the radar of course…

  9. Well, I suppose he’s got the say something, after all, FCAS appears to be dead in the water now.

  10. Don’t you already have EFTA and the Council of Europe?

    Don’t forget the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe…

  11. I dunno.

    It’s true that the EU is a hopeless tinpot dictatorship with hopes of advancing itself by restricting everybody and everything through interminable centrally-planned and imposed rules and law.

    I cannot think of anything they can do that could alter that and still have anybody think that the EU still xisted.

    But take a step back, and look at “the EU” as a rather backward, centralized nation somewhat larger than France – Euronia, say..

    There’s no intrinsic reason it could not collaborate with others to form something like, say, a “Common Market”, where stuff could be easily moved in and out of Euronia and in and out of other members of this ‘Common Market’.

    Of course, that Common Market would need to have internal rules n regulations, but one could insist at formation that the totality of the rules had to fit on (say) 2 sheets of A4 in 14 point Helvetica; and that the rules had to be declarative (so no infinite complexity from recursion etc); and that this rule was the one that cannot be changed.

  12. BiT, sounds good, but think of how the US constitution was deemed to authorise abortion on demand.

    Where there’s a will to misinterpret something there’s a way.

  13. Boganboy

    True enuf, but that’s true of everything. You can always find someone to interpret the thing the way you want, given appropriate rewards.

    Works both ways, mind.

  14. ‘Works both ways, mind.’

    Well, yes. I can always find a way to misinterpret—–oops properly interpret something my way!!!!

  15. Bb

    Yeah; the trick is to want to do it; to decide to do it; and to do it.

    Which – alas – the British PTB rarely do any of these days. Vide Brexit…

    Oops. Undermined meself …

  16. If France didn’t want control over another country, they would have no reason to get into the UK’s business to begin with. That’s the reason any country gets into an international agreement, to have a level of power over other nations, or at least to get closer to their level of power.

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