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This reads like a briefing here

The SFO:

Court and tribunal documents seen by The Telegraph recount expletive-laden confrontations, unorthodox tactics and a deep mistrust between the two sides, with British officials later claiming they were “betrayed” by US allies.

Sue Hawley, executive director of Spotlight on Corruption, says: “The Unaoil case exposed serious cracks in global anti-bribery enforcement, with the US effectively acting as a bully boy and actively undermining a SFO.

“The result is a fiasco where prosecutions have been overturned and senior executives of the company have yet to face meaningful justice.”

Another reading of the same case is that the American lawyer running the SFO imported American legal tactics in order to try to win this case. Then found that American tactics don’t worth in British courts.

Thus a piece reading like it’s not her fault, it’s all the Americans’.

No, I don’t know this, have no inside information. But that is what this piece reads like and such arguments are indeed carried out in the newspaper pages…..

1 thought on “This reads like a briefing here”

  1. The American courts are a disgrace. What a bright idea it was, therefore, to introduce one of their denizens to run the SFO. A denizen, moreover, who seems to have little ability to learn on the job.

    It’s a bit like the case of HMG’s senior science and medicine advisors. Who appoints these lumpheads? The argument that “we need more scientists in government” fails the moment you inspect the performance of those who are already there.

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