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Umm, no, on balance

Christie’s cancels paedophile artist Eric Gill who abused his daughters and dog
Auction house to stop selling prints and sculptures by controversial artist over his perverse sexual past

That’s fine, obviously. Voluntary exchange is voluntary exchange.

However, others said that to carry on profiting from Gill’s work and displaying it in galleries is offensive and deeply wounding to victims of sexual abuse.

That’s nonsense. Lord Ahmed is in jail for sex abuse – whether or not someone shows, buys or sells an Eric Gill is nowt to do with him, his actions or his victoms.

8 thoughts on “Umm, no, on balance”

  1. So what if it is ‘upsetting’ to them?

    Art’s in the eye of the beholder, after all. His work is either good art or it isn’t, and what he did in his spare time is no reflection on that.

  2. Does this mean I can’t put a tractor catalogue, once (allegedly) owned by Neil Parish, on ebay?

  3. I don’t see what the fuss is about. The same people doing the cancelling are trying to norm this by grooming grade school children. Does this artist have some right wing tendencies?

    I expect paedophilia will soon be added to the QEERTY+ alphabet soup.

  4. I’m conflicted. On the one side destruction of his statues can be used to highlight the actions carried out by the leftie mobs who destroyed statues based purely on their perception of the artist’s opinions. On the other, the artist is separate from the art. Unless their art is about some sensitive subject. Gill’s art is about sensitive subjects, or at least includes or implies certain sensitive subjects. So fine to destroy his statues. But once you start, you can’t stop. you have to look at every other artist since history started. And every artist will have some fault that someone will have a problem with. The only reason many people are good artists is because they have something wrong with them. Mental illness is a very common reason why. Also a reason why many artists have a short life.

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