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Well, of course

An attempt by SNP ministers to make emergency Covid-19 powers permanent has been branded a “chilling” bid to undermine democracy, despite the initial plans being watered down.

The legislation, which would allow Scottish ministers to wield so-called “Henry VIII powers” in the event of a future emergency, passed its first stage at Holyrood on Thursday after it was backed by the SNP and Greens.

Never let a crisis go to waste. And you’ll be amazed at what gets defined as an emergency when powersniffers get those sorts of powers if one is declared. The most obvious one right now being the climate emergency – we’re not short of folk who would agree with that already.

17 thoughts on “Well, of course”

  1. It doesn’t really matter how many “powers” they conjure for themselves in a poof of words when the dumb majority of people will do ridiculously stupid things voluntarily, such as wear cloth face masks for 2 years despite there being no real medical or legal bases to recommend or compel it.

    Whatever happened to all the heroes? Did they get strangled or something.

  2. Give them independence and Kim Il Krankie will announce the Scottish version of “Juche”.

  3. In Scots history “Henry VIII powers” took the form of an orgy of destruction – a “reign of terror, extermination” – in the south of Scotland by Harry’s army.

    There had been invasions before, in each direction, but this one was reckoned unusually nasty. Looking back you might say it was unusually Nazi.

    I suppose the tartan fascists who now run Scotland aren’t too familiar with the country’s history. Though you could argue that they must hate the Scottish Enlightenment and pine for earlier days.

  4. Steve: “Whatever happened to all the heroes? Did they get strangled or something.”

    The MSM, the Pantietwisters, and the paranoïd Nutjobs tried their damnedest to strangle any reasoned and scientific debate on exactly what measures were useful, reasonable, and/or politically sound.
    Everywhere, included over here on this blog, and it’s still ongoing.

    And remember “Hero” is a mostly posthumous epithet, that can be easily retconned into “Villain”..

    As it is, the peeps who, right at the start of the whole mess, including over here, compared WuFlu to the Spanish Flu epidemic were roughly right….
    This time it was two years in three waves, despite any measures that were taken.

  5. ‘… compared WuFlu to the Spanish Flu epidemic were roughly right….‘

    Well… except Spanish ‘flu killed very, very, many more… and… made very, very, many more very, very, ill… and… victims were obvious and all around the place… and… killed almost exclusively young and very young… but apart from that…

  6. People like that shouldn’t have any power. I’ve never regretted voting “No” in 1997 for one second. That place has caused nothing but harm to Scotland.

  7. While I was at the library, I did see a headline in the paper that the number of US deaths from covid had exceeded those of the Spanish Flu.

    Must admit I just assumed they were talking about those deaths where you could detect a few antibodies, and thus didn’t take it seriously.

  8. @Grikath
    Re:“Steve: “Whatever happened to all the heroes? Did they get strangled or something.””

    I think Steve was making a little jokette about an old song…. sorry to be (ice) picky.

  9. I’d say Covid was exactly the same as some bug was going round a few years ago. Except we didn’t have the virologists to identify it or the crap modellers to cause a panic. Or the weak politicians to get panicked. So no one noticed. Heaven knows what the next one will be like… They’ll declare martial law?

  10. BiS I had what may have been the WuFlu last month (I don’t do testing any more than I do masking or jabbing so who knows). But if it was then it was not as bad as what I had (same symptoms) in Oct/Nov 2019. So maybe it has been around a bit longer than the Great Panic.

  11. @Grikath

    As it is, the peeps who, right at the start of the whole mess, including over here, compared WuFlu to the Spanish Flu epidemic were roughly right….

    Spanish Flu? No

    Way back in late February after searching to evaluate risk for me, I concluded and wrote here:

    Like Flu, nothing burger : Keep Calm and Carry on as Normal

    I have done so. No extra cleaning or precautions, no distancing, no mask, no vax, ignored lockdown rules … and still alive

    Masks: Useless – virus is 0.12 micron, N95 mask pore size 0.30 microns

    Vax: In Deceber 2020 I said it was useless and potentially dangerous after reading MSDS. For many months I’ve called it ‘the poison jab’

  12. Bogan @ 2.01 – I wonder what could possibly have caused the 100% increase in deaths amongst the young and middle aged (ie: those at least risk from covid), in the last quarter of 2021 in the US……..? 05/feds_and_media_ignoring_doubling_of_mortality_among_young_and_middleaged_adults_in_latest_data.html

    DJC @6.54 – Same here. Dodgy in December 2019 (after a trip to Canada – lots of Chinese persons about, although we mustn’t say bad things about the people of foreign countries unless they’re Russian……) then similar but not as bad a few months ago.

  13. I must admit that I was concerned at first – if you go back to the very earliest posts on here about the pandemic in, I would imagine, January 2020, I was definitely thinking in terms of hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    I’m quite embarrassed about that now.

    I even gave the government the benefit of the doubt on the first lockdown – by then I already did not think it would work, but I didn’t know that it wouldn’t, and foolishly believed them when they were talking in terms of a couple of weeks.

    The truth is that it didn’t really affect me – my wife and I are financially secure, insofar as I do any work I don’t need to leave the house, and there is a marked absence of police round our way stopping you for your papers if you are out and about walking the dog – so I didn’t give it as much thought as I should have.

    But by halfway through that first lockdown, when it was blindingly apparent that it was all bollocks, I had obviously changed my mind completely and have been a strong opponent of all of this shit ever since.

    Unfortunately, I now think it is all extremely sinister.

    I don’t believe it’s possible for all of the world’s governments to make all of the same mistakes, all in the same direction, all at the same time, ignoring all the evidence to the contrary, in line with Klaus Schwab’s Great Reset, Build Back Better, and ‘new normal’, with the active support of all of the mainstream media and big tech, and the major globalist corporate-capitalist organisations, by accident.

    It is just not possible that this is all coincidental.

  14. Yesterday I looked at some of my old blood test results before throwing them out. I noticed that I’d had an unusual, extended spike in one reading in the autumn of 2019.

    At the time I presumably shrugged it off. But now …?

    Does anyone here know whether Covid has a demonstrated effect on the sort of variables that blood tests reveal?

  15. @Interested

    +1 on WEF, coincidence etc. It’s same with green crap and Ukraine


    Spike in what?

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