Well, this settles one thing then

There is no police force I now trust in the UK

There is far too much evidence of bias, misogyny and more to let me do so

One day I suspect they will knock at my door for opposing the state, a crime they will happily enforce

He is indeed losing it.

9 thoughts on “Well, this settles one thing then”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    He’s just having one of his “Dachau moments”.

    ps How does one enforce a crime, please?

  2. “There is no police force I now trust in the UK”: that’s not obviously mad. If they all went around bullying people for the high crime of Sitting in the Open Air During a Pandemic then distrusting them seems reasonable.

    Add to that their propensity for recording unwoke incidents that are not crimes and I’d say a bit of distrust is well merited.

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