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Well, yes, but wrong end of stick

The left has finally got its act together – in France. Watch out, Macron and Le Pen
Cole Stangler
A new alliance led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon’s party will fight June’s legislative elections – and threatens the established order

Usual lefty mantra. Organise! We can beat the system if we organise!

The problem comes not with the gaining of power, but what might be done with any power gained:

Voters had spoken and they preferred Mélenchon’s line: massive state spending to tackle the climate crisis; wealth redistribution and worker protections; an unapologetic response to rising racism and xenophobia; a willingness to bypass European Union rules if they prevent such policies from being carried out.

The same old stupidities.

Plus ca change…..

8 thoughts on “Well, yes, but wrong end of stick”

  1. They’ll just spend their time fighting each other and accusing each other of all the usual left-wing failings. But I have to admit that I do like the idea of them bypassing EU rules.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    It’s not Méchantcon who will make the big difference here, it’s the absence of deputies who back Macron. The legislative elections will leave Macron in much the same position as those of his predecessors (Mitterand, Chirac) who were forced into ‘cohabitation‘ with prime ministers of a different political stripe. For anyone wanting to see the pint-sized potentate cut down to size it should be fun.

  3. That’s mostly Le Pen’s agenda.

    But in any case that has been more or less French Govt policy (aka Dirigisme) since 1945.

    That’s why France us do screwed.

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