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A difference of opinion here

Hillary Clinton faced constant sexism in 2016 campaign, says ex-aide
Huma Abedin says candidate and her team would feel obliged to laugh off offensive remarks

There’s a line between “No Women” and “Not this woman”.

One that’s rather being blurred here in these complaints about sexism, no?

However, she said Clinton did not suit the “personality-driven” nature of US politics, which she said favoured the likes of Donald Trump, a “charismatic shock and awe communicator”; Barack Obama, who would make people “think anything’s possible, it’s going to rain honey and ice-cream”; and Bill Clinton, who “connected with every single person in the room” whenever he gave a speech.

While the latter two were “amazing orators, communicators of their generations”. Abedin said, “Hillary’s the first person to say that was not her strength, she’s a policy wonk and she gets stuff done”.

Quite, near all of them bad policies. Even, the very idea that there should be detailed policies…..

29 thoughts on “A difference of opinion here”

  1. One can argue that Delightful Don definitely suffered continual sexist attacks. Though perhaps he needed more to laugh off offensive remarks like ‘You’re a Russian spy!!’

    This is what happens to pollies. I’d say, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the kitchen. But I suppose she’d regard that as sexist.

  2. Hilariously criminal cunt who had 99% of the institutional media backing her campaign victim of SEXISM, says woman who married a sexual predator.

  3. She should try standing in Sarah Palin’s heels for a while.

    Policy wonk – indeed yes. All of them bad and all failures.

  4. Donald Trump won in 2016 primarily because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.

    It ain’t sexism or misogyny, just the simple fact that Hillary is an unlikable person that the vast majority do not warm to. It’s that simple.

    If the Democrats want to win elections rather than having to steal them then the first rule is having likeable, electable candidates. The second would be ditching the policies of the madhouse and the third would be appealing to the best interest (rather than the self interest) of the American working and middle class.

    Until then, populist demagogues like Donald Trump and Rick DeSantis will win elections (unless stolen by the 2000 mules of the Democratic Party) and has been pinheads like Killary Clinton and Pedo Joe Biden will alienate the electorate and irritate them.

    Which is in the best interests of the majority of Americans?

  5. Obama a great orator? Check out the videos of him when the autocue breaks.

    “Sir, a token black orating is like a dog’s walking on his hind legs. It is not done well; but you are surprised to find it done at all.”

  6. she said Clinton did not suit the “personality-driven” nature of US politics

    That’s undeniable. Clinton has the personality of a tumour.

  7. The Other Bloke in Italy

    Indeed, Sam. It was during Obama’s time that someone invented the office of the Teleprompter of the United States, or TOTUS.

  8. Harry Haddock's Ghost

    “Donald Trump won in 2016 primarily because he wasn’t Hillary Clinton.”

    This X 10000

    People forget this (often on purpose because it’s so painful for them and instead carp on about imaginary Russians).

  9. Wait, I’m sorry, did Hillary have international journalists reporting a completely fabricated story about prostitutes pissing on her in a hotel room? Spare me.

    I know it’s absolutely impossible to prove this story on here, but I was at Huma Abedin’s wedding when she married Congressman Anthony Weiner. I was waiting tables at the venue at the time, and we had some high-profile events every now and then. The entire Clinton family (including Chelsea and her then-fiancé) were there, as were Terry McAuliffe and Sarah Jessica Parker. McAuliffe you may know as the former Governor of Virginia who recently ran again, but was defeated because he was trying to keep CRT and K-5 trans education in public schools. But he was also Hillary’s embarrassing campaign manager back in 2008.

    Anywho, this will tell you a great deal about Hillary’s personality. Remember, it’s Huma getting married, but I saw Hillary near the bar wearing one of the biggest productions of a gown I’ve ever seen outside of the Met Gala. It was a large circumference with a bright floral design, and she had her hair done up in such a way that an outsider would’ve thought she was the mother of the bride.

    A whole bunch of thunder was stolen from Huma, because everyone was going up to Hillary to kiss her ass about whatever legislation or speech she had anything to do with, and there were also younger people who were trying to get a foot in the door, perhaps to help with her next campaign or initiative. So, to be fair, Hillary’s power is also the fault of everyone who deifies her, but I also didn’t see her trying to keep a low profile on her advisor’s special day.

    In contrast, even Bill was carrying himself with a sense of humility! In fact, he went up to the cocktail and dessert stations on his own and, as he left the reception room at the end of the night, he gave all the waiters and staff a wave and a thank you. Of course, Bill Clinton, with all his championing of women, was the officiant at this wedding. That should tell you how serious Huma is about her commercialized feminism. I presume the guests at her ceremony “felt obliged to laugh” at Bill’s mere presence there.

    And, as a bonus, here’s John Stossel talking about his closer encounter with Hillary:

  10. It’s easy to say you are a policy wonk who get things done when you’ve never been in a position to make policy or do anything.

    It’s hard to take someone seriously though when in the executive positions they have been in they were unable to demonstrate any competence.

    You can’t make policy and get things done if you can’t manage your own organization in the first place.

    Finally, anyone who would say their strength is getting things done and their weakness being communicating would, you would think, hire great communicators right off the bat to assist in getting the message out.

  11. @Agammamon

    Never trust a politician who went straight through the “law school-to-elected office” pipeline.

  12. It’s hard to take someone seriously though when in the executive positions they have been in they were unable to demonstrate any competence.

    It’s entirely possible she was talking about the policy success of “Hillarycare”. In which case she’s delusional and needs to be locked up for the sake of the public at large.

    Maybe she’s talking about other policy successes like her non-existant involvement in the Northern Ireland Peace Process? or the success of Uranium One.

  13. She can’t point to Hillarycare – it was never implemented.

    Double points for another example of when she *doesn’t* get things done.

    Proposing policy doesn’t count for crap – or else my libertarians would have the most cred of anyone;) – it has to be implemented (showing you can indeed get things done) and be successful.

  14. As far as “getting things done,” I prefer a government that does as little as possible, if there’s going to be a government at all.

    Even the corporate world is starting to take notice and eschew the whole ESG racket. Netflix has recently adopted the mantra of “Avoid Rules.” People get along better and accomplish more of what they want when they aren’t being micromanaged.

    I think one of the silver linings of social media, is that it brings people closer to public figures and celebrities. The veneer of fame continues to fade away and the unwashed masses are no longer so impressed with your media appearances and interviews. They’re starting to understand that you have even more insecurities and daddy issues than the general population. It’s hard to respect or take seriously an overgrown child, once you realize that’s what they are. When you take away the grandstanding and reverence given to this segment of society, all they’re left to work with is what they contribute, and how well they leave the rest of us alone. A lot of bigwigs are going to start failing miserably at that.

  15. oaeirjaoeijr said:
    “Never trust a politician who went straight through the “law school-to-elected office” pipeline.”

    You only really needed the first four words of that.

  16. Well, I suppose one can point to Barmy and her support of Morsi in Egypt. Once Sisi dumped him in jail, Hillary and the rest cringed and grovelled and gave him his bribe—-oops foreign aid. So she’s capable of changing a policy that failed.

    I just wish she and Barmy had displayed similar good sense in Yemen, when Salah followed his sensible policy of killing activists and protesters. Instead of urging the Saudis and UAE to intervene in support of his deputy. Who had no independent power base, or he wouldn’t have been his deputy.

    Perhaps then we wouldn’t have had the 300 000 odd dead. And about the population of Australia on the dole. But of course these are the figures given out by the do-gooders urging us to piss more and more and more and more of our money into this shithole. So I’ll let you decide how much of them to believe.

  17. I see Margaret Thatcher’s statue was vandalised again last week. These sexists are everywhere aren’t they.

  18. @ John Galt:

    Which is in the best interests of the majority of Americans?

    Democrats are busy changing who the majority is though. They don’t need to gerrymander individual constituencies when they can gerrymander the whole country.

  19. Democrats are busy changing who the majority is though. They don’t need to gerrymander individual constituencies when they can gerrymander the whole country.

    Trying, sure. Succeeding, not so much. Their preferred imports of Central and Southern American illegal immigrants are proving hard to domesticate and too conservative. They might have to start importing their electorate from somewhere else.

  20. @Jonathan

    Hispanic voters have been getting extremely tired of the democrats’ pro-abortion stance, as well as the transgender hoopla. Leftists keep trying to push the whole “Latinx” trend, and maybe 0.1% of Hispanics actually play along (Hint: It’s usually the ones who are paid to play along).

    These immigrants are often devout Catholics who will not compromise their religious beliefs or cultural heritage for some fleeting fad. In addition, many Hispanic immigrants are coming from Cuba, Venezuela, Honduras, etc. Mexican and Salvadoran immigrants are often coming from very violent neighborhoods. Sometimes immigrants from these countries simply bring that bullshit with them, but some of them get frightened when they hear American politicians talking about “spreading the wealth” or “worker’s rights.” They know what it really means firsthand.

    I heard similar sentiment from a…wait for it…gay, married Trump supporter who immigrated from Singapore. When he heard Obama speak, it reminded him of the People’s Action Party (PAP) he knew growing up. The democrats will only last by continuing to trick/bribe naïve newcomers, and by playing dirty tricks to win elections. Republicans will beat them if they keep exposing the truth, remain the “fun” party and also play a few dirty tricks. They’ve been polite long enough.

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