*Greta Thunberg makes surprise appearance on the Pyramid Stage at Glastonbury 2022*

Saturday 25 June, 5.15pm

Announced 11am, Sat 25 June

So it’s not a surprise then, is it?

15 thoughts on “Ahem”

  1. Yet Another Chris

    She probably flew in by helicopter. We live south east of Glastonbury under the flight path for helicopters coming from the east and ‘Home Counties’ (hate that phrase). There is always a large amount of helicopters during Glastonbury, but the traffic has been particularly noticeable this year – and we’re used to military traffic associated with nearby Salisbury Plain.

    I understand that return flights from nearby airfields (Thruxton) cost GBP499 per person if you book four people. But then Greta probably doesn’t pay.

    It’s quiet at the moment, but I must have a look at Flight Radar 247 when it’s all packing up.

  2. “So it’s not a surprise then, is it?”

    Depends what happens. If she turns out to be an excellent lead guitarist, or if she says she is really sorry for talking shite about global warming, then I would indeed be very surprised.

  3. Suzi Quatro used to live in White Hart Lane, Collier Row*, Romford. Drank in the Maypole opposite, I think it was. (Gone now. Block of flats). Decent honest no nonsense crumpet. About as far from the Swedish hobgoblin as you could get & still be on the same planet.

    *Fuck! Checked Streetview for the name of the pub & there’s a Collier Row Islamic Centre. They must have stopped burning them out as they moved in, then. Times have changed. Alas.

  4. I saw Suzi Quattro live at a bash organised by a local Young Farmers’ Club in a barn. She was very good.

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