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Compelling story

Well, I dunno, really, not sure:

In order to practice the French I was studying, I set Paris as one of my locations. One of my matches, Étienne, was 10 years younger than me at 33.
He asked me to dominate him. I described my whip and demanded he get on all fours (“Mets-toi à quatre pattes!”). He made it clear that he wanted me to penetrate him with the base of my imaginary whip, and I made sure to convey to him in detail exactly how I would do it.

and I wanted to get out of the restaurant business, where I’d been a server for several years since my three-year stint in a graduate experimental film program.

43 year old waitress has phone sex.


Do you have a compelling personal story you’d like to see published on HuffPost?

15 thoughts on “Compelling story”

  1. Bloke in the Fourth Reich

    43 year old woman has sex with graduate in experimental film?

    Tell me it ain’t true.

  2. The Meissen Bison

    In order to practice the French I was studying

    In principle that’s an excellent plan but there’s a danger in restricting one’s use of the language to a somewhat recherché register with limited day-to-day application.

  3. my three-year stint in a graduate experimental film program….
    I’d been a server for several years….

    Tell me again about life choices and consequences. 😉

  4. BitFR, Anne Bancroft was only 36 in 1967, and I didn’t think “The Graduate” was particularly experimental.

  5. “Oui, oui”
    “Plus fort”
    “Mon Dieu”
    “Ooh la la”

    Not sure she’s gonna learn much French if my experience of similar ” educational” films is anything to go by

  6. She’s 43 and the “best sex of her life” was talking on the internet about a French pervert’s arsehole while he wanked.

    Potentially a result of having been molested as a child, I equated masculinity with predation; I never wanted to be a predator, so I eschewed my own masculinity. I’d sported ties on occasion, and my wardrobe ventured into androgynous territory at times, but my dildos lay mostly resting in my underwear drawer.

    Hope she likes cats.

  7. From what I can gather from reading that, she had some french guy conned she was in Paris. She writes about selling someone a fake bill of goods? Still I suppose it’s the Huff. It’s the business model, isn’t it?

  8. Bloke in the Fourth Reich


    When you are a fresh graduate, the difference between 36 and 43 years in your date is not material.

  9. After reading the article I am as confused by the writer’s gender as (s)he is.

    Even the made up letters in old porn mags were about people actually shagging. “I had a wank” is not a compelling personal story.

  10. Hang on.

    So all this happened on the internet with someone she never actually clapped eyes on.

    Somewhere a 25 stone 60 year-old bloke (probably in a frock) is busily sending her contact details to all his mates.

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