Detailed financial market information wanted

So, Revlon‘s a meme stock now. It’s at $8 a share.

Now, for all I know quite a bit I know near nothing about actual trading of shares. And what I want to do is make a wild-ish out of the money bet against the Revlon stock price. Say it’s at $8 now. I think it will go to zero within a couple of months. Happy to gain leverage by having a strike price on a put at $5 or $6.

But how, exactly, do I find what the price on an out of the money Revlon put option is? How would I trade if I did?

30 years ago you bugged your broker over the phone to organise this for you. Now you don’t – so how do you?

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  1. NYSE listed options are here :

    Seems to have just gone into pre-market clear, but fiddle with the UI to show out of the money puts at the expiry you want. O/I seems to cluster at 2-2.50 strike for Oct/Nov out to Jan.

    As they’re listed, the likes of eToro or whoever would probably offer them.

    That said, I took at look at Revlon’s website when the news broke (last week? Before that?) – and didn’t really recognise any of their major brand names (but then I probably wouldn’t anyway). They also seemed to be top-heavy on the celebrity lines (and again, I didn’t recognise many of them, but again, that’d be par for the course).

    Then again, Shopify over the last two years, clearly do have a number of entrepreneurs flogging beauty/skin care stuff straight outta China as they’ve been regularly featured in email puff-pieces.

    Post-pandemic (although it might be a bit late) there might be a bet on the upside for the equity, but the free-float and meme stock nutters would be troubling for the downside bet.

    US domestic inflation might cause the meme traders to pull out, or may be not.

    It’s your money, but personally there’s too much I don’t understand here, so I’d stay away.

  2. Revlon is no surprise. Time to short all lipstick makers as masks continue to be a thing.

    How to bet against Pfizer?
    Bloke dies of the jab and the award is GBP 120,000. A couple of thousand more victims and we’ll blow through the 2.2 billion medical negligence budget of the NHS. Live permanently disabled victims would get much more, potentially bankrupting the country.

    The T&Cs (written by Pfizer) for the Emergency Use Authorisation will be inches thick lawyerese, but even so the UAE may not be bullet proof if malfeasance is the initial trials. So Pfizer may go down too.

    How to this debacle? Individuals of limited means are rarely allowed to short shares, and time scale may be too short in the options market. (Pfizer’s lawyers may argue for years.)

  3. Presumably the primary (to all intents and purposes, the sole owner) equity holder is Perelman?

    So who owns the secured and unsecured debt? Looks like some of the structure is now JVs with the BrandCos with various temporary facilities in place so the firm (aka Perelman) can draw additional funding via the existing bondowners.

    If (if) Perelman effectively owned a serious chunk of secured debt, and relatively little of the unsecured, plus effective control via the equity, then debt for equity would screw the juniors (I’m assuming they’re mainly the BrandCos) while seniors would retain control, and everyone else gets diluted out.


  4. philip, you’ve missed out a zero. You’d need twenty thousand more victims to exceed the £2.2 billion threshold.
    (Not arguing with your case against Pfizer here; just with your arithmetic)

  5. Philip – “Bloke dies of the jab and the award is GBP 120,000“.

    You’re talking about a negligence budget. Insurers use figures in the millions (4-6 if memory serves) for the value of a life. One hundred and twenty large is suggestive, as to why that figure was not used in this case.

    In short, stop trying to wank yourself into righteous indignation. You’ll only have to wipe the walls down afterwards.

  6. Philip… Given that “vaccination deaths” have been investigated within an inch of their death by a serious array of opposing interests in various countries there are some interesting points to make about your claim…

    – Actual chance to kick the bucket of ( not with..) the vaccination is in the order of 1:200.000.000 ( one in 200 million ).

    – In almost all cases that have been investigated the issue was excessive/atypical bloodclotting, the same thing that the Alpha/Beta strain was notorious for and which caused so much post-infection damage.
    Most people that “died of the shot” would have died from a “natural” CoVid infection, simply because they are unlucky enough to be extremely sensitive/allergic to the spike protein.
    Scientificaly correct, but rather harsh.. The problem wasn’t in the vaccine, but in the people that perished.

    As things stand when it comes to risks regarding the Pfizer vaccine, scientifically there is nothing to corroborate your continued bleating about The Risks of the Shot.
    Please get off YouTube and your high horse. It rots your brain.

  7. grikath

    Unless I’ve completely misunderstood you, where on earth do you get 1 in 200 million from? It doesn’t pass any smell test whatsoever. I know someone (sibling of someone I know well) who was dead 12 hours after taking the shot. Absolutely fine, took the jab, went home, started to feel crap, didn’t wake up the following morning. Despite it being regarded as an obvious vax injury symptom, “oh no, it was absolutely nothing to do with the vaccine” was the official line……

    Yes, of course, anecdote is nothing, but there is so much anecdote all over the place, and which self-evidently makes 1 in 200 million nonsensical?

    “Most people that “died of the shot” would have died from a “natural” CoVid infection”

    There are all sorts of reasons why someone might not get Covid or not get it seriously. The vaccine can cause injury or death by getting into the blood stream, which in itself can be a lottery. There is no guarantee that someone would have suffered the same effect from Covid. Unless you have good evidence that that must always happen?

  8. OK, you said “most” not “all”. But unless you effectively mean “pretty much all” that in itself negates your point that this is then effectively a “1 in infinity” event.

  9. @Paul, Somerset

    We should easily hit 20,000 toxic jabe deaths with all the sudden young deaths, sudden adult deaths, sudden athlete deaths (+1,700%)

    Young people dying in their sleep is now happening on a regular basis

    Steve Kirsch looks at the evidence that the sudden death of young people has increased significantly following the rollout of Covid vaccines

    I’d also expect a class action on £120,000 max payment as it hasn’t increased sinse 1979

    eg HR Right to family Life

    imo All politicians and public sector workers should have to buy personal indeminity insurance at own expense as dentists must. End taxpayers paying for politicians and public sector failures

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