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Good point

It’s just this perennial problem that comedy is bound to have in the atmosphere that we have now, which is to be kind. The culture is to be nice to people, which sounds great and in principle is something I would support, but in practice, every joke has a victim. That’s what a joke is.”

7 thoughts on “Good point”

  1. I’m only bothered if they sink the boot into me but start whining when I return it with interest.

  2. Talking of funny, some US journalist (Female or whatever she thinks she is) got fired for re-tweeting this cracker: “All women are bi-. You just have to find out whether it’s -sexual or -polar”…..

  3. I remember John Thompson’s politically correct comedian in ‘The Fast Show”. If this is the future of comedy, God help us all.

  4. @Adolff, no a male journalist was suspended for that joke. A female journalist was fired for going on a week-long public campaign of trying to get him fired and calling out all her colleagues who didn’t support her as being collaborative with abuse.

  5. “Tragedy is when I cut my finger. Comedy is when you fall into an open sewer and die.”

    —Mel Brooks

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