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Through resentencing, diversion and other reforms, Boudin has overseen a 35% reduction in the population of San Francisco residents in state prisons, a 37% decline in the adult jail population, and a 57% decline in the juvenile jail.


San Francisco residents have voted to recall the district attorney, Chesa Boudin

So, err, not what the people wanted then?

26 thoughts on “Hmmmm”

  1. He was probably hoping that huge numbers of released crims would form a permanent voting bloc. “Vote for me, or you go back inside!”

  2. One wonders what any of the Soros DAs want, if it is not the decline and fall of the United States.

  3. Who could have foreseen that the son of two Jewish Communist terrorists whose election campaign was funded by George Soros, might not have the best interests of the American people at heart?

  4. ‘Critics blamed Boudin for crime, violence, homelessness, retail thefts and other challenges that escalated during the pandemic. Homicides have increased in the city, echoing national trends, but overall violent crime decreased during the pandemic.’

    So crime increased but it decreased. But it was all the fault of covid. Not of course the lockdown.

    Still, I can understand why they voted him out.

  5. @SamVara: I thought US crims (or at least some of them) lost the right to vote even when they came out?

  6. Real parents terrorists, adoptive parents terrorists. Family steeped in leftist and Marxist shite. After only 4 years of actual work, elected to office. And people thought this was a good idea ?

  7. Doesn’t ‘Boudin’ translate to ‘sausage’ although my French isn’t good enough to tell you if ‘Boudin’ on its own is ‘black pudding’ or if it has to be ‘Boudin noir’. Google translate is no help in this.

  8. I note that in another article from the Graun on this subject the paper was calling Boudin a ‘reformer’ of the criminal justice system rather than the wrecker he turned out to be in reality.

  9. Odd coincidence. I watched the film “The Company You Keep” yesterday, which was on TV recently, and looking up Boudin on wiki, it could almost be his and his parents’ story. Perhaps that’s where the novel’s author got the plot.

  10. ‘Resentencing’ = setting criminals free

    ‘Diversion’ = setting criminals free

    ‘Other reforms’ = setting criminals free

    And to think that the voters came to believe these were not good ideas. Fancy that.



  11. The Weather Underground of which both his biological and adoptive parents were stalwarts believed that by stoking race war the inevitable revolution would bring in the glorious New Marxist Order. Bill Ayres btw was an early launcher of the great BO’s political career and probable ghost writer of Tales from my father. Boudin’s adoptive mother became a professor of education at Chicago U after serving her time. Responsibility for the current crop of snowflakes from schools and universities is partially due to her and Paolo Freire. Perfect background for Soros hunting for talent.

  12. Arthur. The laws vary by state.

    If SF is changing, likely you can attribute it to the Asian population getting a bit fed up with progressives who are intent on preserving their right to crap in the street.

  13. @Jonathan

    Who could have foreseen that the son of two Jewish Communist terrorists whose election campaign was funded by George Soros, might not have the best interests of the American people at heart?

    Not sure what about them being Jewish makes them more evil than other Communist terrorists or organizations. Pretty sure murdering police officers is depraved enough without the leftist identity politics you’re employing.

    Please, oh please, respond with circular reasoning, biblical prophecy, logical fallacies, pathetic attempts at intimidation, or holier-than-thou claims of principle. Bonus points for every buzz word you use to prove you’re on the “inside,” maaaaan. May I suggest “ZOG” to start with?

  14. aoeirjoiaerj,
    Aren’t you aware of the “Every Single Time” meme?
    Next time you see a story about someone spreading degeneracy to schoolchildren, undermining the nuclear family, or advocating the replacement of white people, check out the surnames. If they have a Wiki page, the “Early Life” section is your friend.

  15. Bizarrely claimed that it was really a victory and that it was just nasty right-wingers despite the fact that SF skews massively left and it was an overwhelming majority against him
    Maybe this is the start of the more moderate left waking up and realise they need to rein in the loons to at least retain the semblance of a functioning society

  16. @BniC

    Yup, in fact the mayor of SF, London Breed (yes that’s her real name) made a speech a few months ago saying they need to fund (not defund) the police:

    The liberal media protocol when they fuck up:

    1. Denial
    2. Okay, it’s happening a little bit, but not to a meaningful extent.
    3. Okay, it’s a problem, but Republicans/Trump caused it.
    4. *Let’s crisis marinate and snowball for 6 months-1 year*
    5. *Loses elections*
    6. We’re losing elections because of Republicans/Trump/racists/corporations.
    7. *Crisis starts to affect politicians and their high-profile donors*
    8. Holy shit! You won’t believe this, but we’ve just discovered there’s a serious problem that was caused by Republicans/Trump/racists/corporations, but we were the first to figure this out, and we’ll be the first to solve it. No one else knew this was going on before, or offered any solutions.

    We’re at #8 now. They love to take credit for what conservatives figured out at least 5 years ago.

    You’ll see this protocol used for everything from crime, to Covid, to foreign policy, to the economy, to immigration policy, to education policy.

  17. @Flubber

    It’s not an argument. It’s an observation and a request. A request that someone volunteered to fulfill.

  18. 35% is a weighted average of 37% and 57% – well I never!
    Oh, it’s the functionally innumerate Guardian.

  19. @john77

    Prisons and jails are two different things in the USA. To quote a bail bond site:

    “Although a jail and a prison in California are both places where people are held who have been convicted of crimes or who are awaiting trial, there are some differences. When someone is arrested for a crime, they are often placed in jail until trial unless they are released on bond. Those who receive short sentences for the crime are normally held in jail instead of being sent to prison…Prisons are where people are sent if they have been convicted of a crime and sentenced to a term of more than one year or perhaps a serious offense that would classify as a felony.”

    So the three numbers refer to three separate things.

  20. @ hms_starling
    Thank you. That explains the apparent anomaly. I have learnt something today.
    So it’s just that the Guardian journalist didn’t know that and omitted “also” befor “a 37%”

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