How to kill private lending to poor countries

Debt Justice – formerly the Jubilee Debt Campaign – said Britain should use its power to make private lenders take part in debt relief.

If the insistence now is that what was lent must now be given then there will be no future lending, will there?

9 thoughts on “How to kill private lending to poor countries”

  1. The Meissen Bison

    That’s just silly – what is this “power” that Britain has to make private lenders do anything?

  2. One must admit that killing lending both private and public to poor countries sounds like an excellent idea.

    But of course if we did kill private lending, the wokists would then howl to the heavens to demand that our taxes make up the shortfall. So it’s certainly fortunate that the UK does not have the power to compel private lenders to make their loans a free gift to the spendthrifts.

  3. More interestingly on this was I noticed a couple of other articles:

    1 – the appalling Devi Sridahar (Sturgeon’s COVID enforcer) blathering on about keeping the control apparatus in place around COVID in place

    2 – Remainiac Judge found in favour of Carole Cadwalladr – saying libel/slander is fine if it’s sincerely believed and ‘in the public interest’

  4. It’s amusing for a little while when massive leftists argue for programmes we already have:
    -Spud saying we must have deficits. He should be ecstatic at what has occurred in the last 20 years then.
    -Devi saying we must have surveillance for infectious diseases. She should be moist knowing the weekly report has been out every Thursday for 9 years – rhinovirus, adenovirus, RSV, parainfluenza, now coronavirus added.
    Vacuous but telegenic was the phrase coined by Toby Young I think. For Devi I mean.

  5. Didn’t the judge say it was defamatory, but nobody listened to cadwalladar outside her echo chamber so there was no damage, if that’s the case may still be on hook for legal costs hopefully

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