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In my day

So, is there a way to fulfill your own wants, needs, and dreams without the help of a partner — but without completely eschewing relationships? There is, and it’s becoming more of a phenomenon via solo polyamory. On the surface, it sounds like just another term for “being single,” but solo polyamory is more than that. It’s a lifestyle that focuses on independence, while still cultivating intimate connections — minus the desire to reach traditional relationship milestones.

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all path to happily ever after, but with today’s social pressures and hustle culture, it’s important to be in control of the free time you do have. Just think: What could you achieve if you flip the script, prioritizing personal growth and leaving romantic relationships to where there’s extra room? Practicing solo polyamory allows you to have your cake and eat it, too. I spoke with experts and others with firsthand knowledge about how to embrace the solo polyamorous lifestyle — and why it might yield your healthiest relationships yet.

….we called this shagging around…..

18 thoughts on “In my day”

  1. Dennis, A Vast Reservior of Toxic Masculinity

    My gast is flabbered that nobody wants to marry this man-faced swamp hag…

    Marry her? Who’d want to screw her, what with the price of gin being what it is?

  2. All very well “shagging around” in your 20’s, but once her egg box is empty and the constant partying takes its toll the articles will be all about “Where have all the good men gone”.

    Every generation since the sexual revolution have tried recycling this old trope and they’ve all found that the end of the yellow brick road is a rather small flat, a few cats, boxed wine and immiseration.

    Enjoy ladies.

  3. Dennis – I’d literally rather have my face eaten by a cantankerous leopard, but I assume there’s always someone as horny as she is ugly.

    She is a physical manifestation of why 1980’s discos had smoke machines.

  4. Is this site one of these things you have to read to earn a buck, Tim? Jeeze! Wouldn’t it be preferable to get a proper job? Septic tank maintenance would be an improvement. Easy to learn & just the overalls rubber gloves & basic tools required. You must need two of those to do this one.

  5. Nope. Sorry. Don’t get it.
    The article, the idea… all rubbish…sure I get that.

    What I don’t get are the attacks on her looks. It’s unnecessary, mean-spirited and it speaks more to your character then hers.

  6. Why must pseudo intellectual weirdos come up with elaborate wording to justify engaging in vice?

    No use prevaricating about the bush.

  7. What I don’t get are the attacks on her looks. It’s unnecessary, mean-spirited and it speaks more to your character then hers.

    Look here, Captain Save-a-hoe.

    It’s not my fault she looks like an ill-bred dog that got into a makeup factory. But I also profoundly disagree with you on principle – it costs nothing to let ugly weirdos know how ugly and weird they are, and may even be beneficial, while the costs – the externalities – of being ‘nice’* are real, extortionate and mounting up in the macabre clown show we call society. For this reason we are not called to be Colm Nicey, but Colm Meaney.

    The Groke is proferring terrible life advice that’s very likely to result in miserable, chlamyd failure for anybody naive enough (i.e. the impressionable idiots we call ‘young people’) to listen to her. We are, Allah forgive us, no longer allowed to burn scrofulous witches, but it’ll be a damn chilly day in Gehenna before I stop making fun of them for looking like the ugly barmaid in Shrek.

    *Be nice until it’s time to not be nice. Then do roundhouse kicks with the gladiatorial glee of a Campari-crazed Italian. So sayeth Dalton, so say we all.

    Yours in Christ,

    Steve x

  8. Dennis, Pointing Out The Obvious

    What I don’t get are the attacks on her looks. It’s unnecessary, mean-spirited and it speaks more to your character then hers.

    Actually, it doesn’t. Largely because they weren’t attacks. They were opinions based on the evidence presented. She’s ugly and she’s stupid and the path she’s trying to justify doesn’t work (and never has). That’s the truth of the matter. If that strikes you as mean-spirited, well, sometimes facts have a way of being mean.

    The only way to combat rank stupidity is to call it by its name, mock it, and take no prisoners in the process. It’s like training a puppy: You need to make the correction memorable so the puppy remembers not to do it again. Same goes for ugly women peddling the trope that friends with benefits works in the long run.

    The fact that you can’t handle the truth of the matter speaks more to your character than to mine.

  9. As I remember pointing out when people were gaily discussing the gay nonsense, I don’t give a damn if people shag men, women, camels, sheep or Alsatian dogs.

    My objection to the ladies’ lifestyle is that she’d expect ME!!!! to support her out of MY!!!!! taxes. Not hubby.

  10. @bloke in spain – June 1, 2022 at 12:02 pm

    Fuck off. I patented this 50 years ago.

    Didn’t we all ducky, didn’t we all… 🙂

    Though in my case it was nearer 60. 🙁

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