New Timmy Elsewhere

On that getting the band back together. Not really, but this is Lewis Page, of El Reg fame, hiring me again:

In these troubled times, when we face the first concerted inflationary pressures in a generation, it’s necessary to walk back to earlier wisdom and realise what inflation really is. It is, no more and no less, a change in the value of money. So, when there’s inflation that’s what will happen, money will change in value. The effect of this is that FX rates will change by relative inflation rates – the US Dollar / Swiss Franc rate (USD / CHF), or the Euro to Turkish Lira (EUR / TRY) one, will over time be defined by the relative inflation rates in the respective countries.

5 thoughts on “New Timmy Elsewhere”

  1. Not that bloody ARK “ETF” again. The “superstar” manager who runs the damn thing also controls the composition of the index. Nothing more than an asset gathering exercise.

    Rather glad it’s going south, frankly.

  2. Given the current output at the register (great, but not much economics), and great people there moving on (like Gareth Corfield), they could do with you back.

  3. I was sure my famous economical politics lecturer was telling me that inflation was a measure of how much money the government had not yet created, so the solution was to print MOAR money and tax it back.

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