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No, they’re not

Eat grass to solve Britain’s food crisis, scientists say
Turning grass into protein could be the ‘silver bullet’ for food production

They’re not turning grass into protein.

feeding yeast onto the grass

They’re turning grass into yeast feed. We’ve known how to do this for 10,000 years – it’s called beer.

16 thoughts on “No, they’re not”

  1. I remember when the machine to turn grass into protein was a Tomorrow’s World April Fool story.

  2. Great marketing. Take an issue that is the “in thing” and twist it right around into your product to show how you are joining the crowd, without actually joining the crowd and continuing to do what you’ve always done.

  3. Sage – I remember that Tomorrow’s World story. Was turning grass into milk, in my memory.
    Didn’t pick it up as an April Fool though. Just assumed it was an uneconomic process – better done by cows.

  4. Silver bullets are for killing werewolves, aren’t they? A by-product of the process?

  5. Steve across the Pond

    Sprinkle on some maggots and fried cockroaches for added flavor!

    @Arthur the Cat: Well, we eat the seeds in some form. Our bodies wouldn’t know what to do with the stalk or leaves.

  6. “Eat grass to solve Britain’s food crisis, scientists say”

    Fuck off and get in the sea, says Britain.

    I was not aware that the cost of living crisis was now a food crisis. I presume the obesity crisis is all over now no one can afford to eat?

  7. I once saw someone say that the school shooting problem in the US will not resolved by a magic bullet. Which is presumably close to a ‘silver bullet’.

  8. 2 million quid to research something we already know how to do?!!!! DaFuq?

    As a student in the early 90’s, I was one of the peeps who made a point of making alcohol out of straw and hay, using pectase and cellulase “liberated” from some lab coli strains.
    Any home brewer can literally get all the stuff you need for it by mail…
    Only thing you need to make consumable ethanol is a good distillation rig ( and the neccessary experience using it…), but the end result does fine in anything suited to burn “dirty” ethanol as-is.

    Talk about re-inventing the Wheel on a cushy grant….

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