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Not quite as scandalous as it might seem

Claims Boris Johnson tried to hire Carrie as chief of staff ‘ripe for investigation’, says Lord Geidt
MPs raise allegation in Parliament that Prime Minister tried to appoint his future wife to key role when he was foreign secretary

Wouldn’t surprise me in the slightest if he had tried. Or thought about it at least. But there’s a difference between thinking about something and doing it.

“Whachu think, eh? Appoint Carrie and…..” “Boss, that’s stupid,”…..”Ah, Ok, so I’ll not do that then”……

After all if we jailed politicians for having stupid ideas then we’d have them all in the right place, wouldn’t we?

7 thoughts on “Not quite as scandalous as it might seem”

  1. I wonder if anyone “spoke truth to power”there.

    ‘But Bozza, she’s a bloody thicko. She couldn’t even hold down a job at CCHQ and being a dim Sloane there puts you at the top of the intellectual tree.’

  2. “Tried to” and “Thought about it” are qualititively different. The former is not quite so easy to explain away

  3. She may have missed out on that one but she landed the biggie. Princess Nut-Nuts now runs the country

  4. Bloke in North Dorset

    It’s an old story that appeared in a book about her. Demanding the article which I believe was on page 5 or so be taken down once hin proves the Streisand Affect is real.

    Don’t they ever learn?

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